We all know that the phenomenon of plant-based and beyond meat food items have been making their way across many food chains, for example, A&W and Tim Hortons. You would think that the obsession with beyond meat would gradually begin to slow down. Well, think again, as KFC has now decided to do a trial run on plant-based fried chicken from Beyond Meat. The fake meat trend is maintaining plenty of hype and exposure with the help of fast-food chains. One location will be doing this test-run in Atlanta. Free samples will also be provided to customers with the purchase of any item on the menu.

KFC will be the first fast-food chain to launch this plant-based chicken. While it may be confusing, at the same time, it is something new to try so, the question is, is it delicious? Along with KFC, recently, Burger King came out with the Impossible Whopper in their US stores, and Subway is set to implement the Beyond Meatball Marinara in 685 chains located in the US as well as Canada. So we can see why the Beyond Meat trend is nowhere near slowing down. Beyond Meat is set to expand with more meatless options such as ground beef.

Beyond Fried Chicken

Beyond Fried Chicken will be available in two types; nuggets and boneless wings.

The nuggets will be four for $1.99 and the wings 6 for $6. Both types will come with a variety of dipping sauces to choose from, such as; Hot, Buffalo, or Honey BBQ. As the name indicates, Beyond Fried Chicken maintains an association with the plant-based label Beyond Meat. In fact, you also have the luxury of purchasing Beyond Meat items at grocery stores.

Beyond Meat has been doing exceedingly well as they have had one of the biggest IPOs in 2019. This chicken supposedly tastes like chicken and it is hard to differentiate that its plant-based. Many people are probably wondering what chemicals are being put in to make Beyond Meat taste like chicken.

More to come

Although currently, it is only available at one location there has been talk of it making its way to more locations.

Having this new food item tested in one location can only mean that something bigger is likely to launch in the near future. Having this option for vegans makes its audience possibly multifaceted, but the test will be whether vegans will actually eat it or not. So is this a Kentucky Fried miracle or a shamble? I guess we will find out - this is why KFC has decided to do a test run with the product. It will be up to its consumers whether they believe "it's still finger lickin' good." It is unfortunate that the legendary Colonel himself cannot try this new item and give us his opinion. Is KFC trying to meet the needs of its consumers? Or will it upset the meat lovers?