Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world today. There is so much to love about coffee, from its taste, dark rich color, and of course several of its beneficial functions for the body. If you are still not a fan of coffee, you might find that you are part of a small minority group as it is safe to say that almost everybody loves coffee. To whet your coffee appetite and enhance your cravings for it, we've highlighted 7 irresistible facts about coffee that will make you love it more. Let's dive right in and see what we have.

Enhance brain performance

It is a known fact that coffee can help enhance concentration, focus, and attention, but wait; there is more. Adding sugar to your cup of coffee can make you a mini-Einstein, this is because caffeine and glucose combine to release certain brain performance capabilities. A word of caution though, don't take coffee without eating, else it might make you unproductive, and diminish your brain prowess.

Boost Blood Pressure

For situations where your blood pressure may be a bit low, a small cup of coffee might just be what the doctor ordered. It is suitable for hypertensive patients, and help boost their blood pressure after a prolonged used. On the other hand, people with tachycardia signs are not advised to take coffee.

Builds up a healthy immune system

Coffee contains some essential nutrients that can make your immune system stronger and healthier. Scientists recently discovered that coffee also has the ability to reduce the likelihood of premature death. In other words, prolonged coffee consumption can help lower any occurrence of premature death.

It can also boost your heart, liver and digestive functions.

Ease your headache

I bet you didn't know that coffee can ease out your headaches and migraines? Well, now you do. It is the caffeine contained in the beverage that does the trick. Next time when you have a migraine with no painkiller in sight, just grab yourself a cup of naturally made coffee.

Reduce depression, anxiety, and stress

Coffee can help improve your mood and make you feel good about yourself while at the same time reduce stress levels, anxiety, and depression. It can help release serotonin and dopamine in the body, both of which are known to stimulate a good mood. It can also calm your nerves down and help you to relax.

Memory Enhancer

Coffee can help improve both your short-term memory and your long-term memory as well on prolonged usage. So, if you have a midterm text, or you have a paper to present, just take a cup of naturally made coffee, an hour before, and you are good to go. It can help you fish out your desired information when you need it.

Weight loss

Achieving your desired weight loss is just a cup of coffee away.

It can help you lose that extra layer of fat. Coffee can help increase the hormone leptin which helps the body to reduce its fat and lose weight. This is the primary reason why it is difficult for coffee fanatics to gain weight and the reason why their exercise plans produce more results.

So, there you have it, 7 irresistible facts about coffee that will make love it more. Like it is often said when in doubt, grab a cup of coffee.