By now, many women have probably heard about the beneficial advantages of using Star anise. Many experts from various food-related fields including cooks, doctors, dieticians, and trainers have encouraged the masses to start including this food in their diet and women especially should adhere to their advice if they want to keep feeling young and strong.

Star anise is a spice grounded from seeds contained in star-shaped pods that can be traced back to a plant known as the Illicium verum. This plant originated in South China but also grows in several countries embedded across the Eastern Mediterranean.

Much like Anise, this ingredient provides foods and drinks with a licorice flavor, though they are not to be confused with each other.

Today, many associate this herb with Asian and Indian cuisine, but its uses extend beyond that of cooking spice. Researchers have uncovered several secrets lurking in star anise that can benefit women; young, old, pregnant or just active.

1. Pregnant women need its protection

The oil extracted from the seeds contained within pods of Star Anise carries a multitude of benefits for pregnant women. This oil contains thymol, which stimulates the immune system. Pregnant women are especially vulnerable to illnesses caused by infections like the flu, so drinking a glass of water mixed with the oil during flu season isn’t a bad idea.

2. Nursing mothers will benefit from it

For those women who have already delivered their sweet bundles of joys, the spice also has them covered. Studies showed that when used as an ingredient in food and drink, the oil extracted from star anise can actually increase the flow of breast milk. Obviously, this enhanced conditioning is perfect for nursing mothers.

3. It can dispel excess gas

Besides boosting the immune system, the oil extracted from star anise also has carminative properties. This means it can relieve the female body of excess amounts of gas that build up over time. Thanks to this, many problems associated with the buildup of gas in the body (cramps, abdominal pains, indigestion, heartburn, inflammatory gas, etc.) can be practically knocked out in a single blow for women.

4. It helps to keep them young

Many foods contain nutrients that prevent harm to cells and star anise is no exception. The spice contains Vitamin C, an antioxidant agent crucial for protecting the human body from free radicals that can cause cellular damage, rapid aging, and even cancer.

5. It’s great for their sex lives

This last benefit is essential to women who are currently engaged or at least has made it past second base. If they want to ensure efficiency in their frequent love life, star anise has one last trick up its sleeve for them in the form of anethole. Studies show that this compound possesses estrogenic properties that can effectively modulate hormones in the female body, which is great for them when they want to have a good time in bed with their lovers.