Whatever one's opinion of President Donald Trump might be, his diet has become infamous. And not in a good way. His diet has notoriously largely consisted of greasy fast food and other selections that might not be considered healthy.

For the first couple of years or so of Trump's presidency, his health was entrusted to Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson. A much-discussed press conference perhaps made Jackson more recognizable than previous physicians to the president had been. He was also concerned about Trump's diet.

Apparently had staffers slip Trump some cauliflower

Jackson seemed to have trouble convincingly the famously vegetable-averse Trump to changing his eating habits. And thus, he made a possibly very sneaky move. Apparently, without the president's knowledge, Jackson had staffers lace Trump's mashed potatoes with cauliflower.

And that wasn't all. According to MSN, Jackson also made ice cream "less accessible" to the president. Jackson's stealth moves might be questionable in terms of ethics. But still, they may have been effective in terms of keeping Trump's weight down. Jackson also wanted Trump to exercise more. An idea that Jackson said "never took off" as much as he wanted it to.

Jackson became infamous after he gave a press conference shortly after a 2018 physical of Trump.

The press conference was held given the extra scrutiny of Donald Trump's health. What ensued was a strange event. Jackson so thoroughly praised Trump's physical condition that it made people uncomfortable. It was questioned how Trump could be so healthy given his established diet. And then Jackson began describing Trump's "incredible genes."

Shortly after the press conference, Trump nominated Jackson to replace David Shulkin as U.S.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Some questioned Jackson's qualifications for the post. Plus, other things, including his drinking habits and his handling of prescription medications. Eventually, Jackson withdrew himself from consideration. He also did not return as a physician to the president. But he did remain at the White House as chief medical adviser and assistant to the president.

Jackson first joined the White House Medical Unit during the George W. Bush administration. He was elevated to physician to the president under Barack Obama.

Has retired from the United States Navy

Jackson retired from the Navy and from his position at the White House in 2019. He has since gone into elected politics. Currently, Jackson is running for the Republican nomination to become the U.S. Representative from Texas' 13th District. The northern Texas district has been represented for a quarter-century by Republican Mac Thornberry, who is retiring.

Jackson's Congressional campaign has also drawn scrutiny. Including whether or not he's actually eligible to run in the 13th District. As noted by The New York Times, Jackson has touted his ties to White House officials and Cabinet members. As of yet, however, Trump has not publicly endorsed Jackson.