When it comes to making basic starters for a course meal or just a quick healthy snack on the go, salads are stupid easy. Most don't even require a fully fleshed out recipe for guidance. Just chop your vegetables like you normally do and toss them together.

However, there are salads out there that do demand some focus as long as those who are interested in making something less boring. Still, that doesn't remove the fact that a salad is too simple to make. Some of the best salad recipes out there are among the simplest to make. Here's a list of 5 salads so simple, you can make them in your sleep practically.


Don't let the name of this Middle Eastern staple intimidate you. As complicated as linguistics might seem here, the recipe is easy to come by and will only take a couple of minutes to put together. So what is Tzatziki anyway? Its cucumber and yogurt tossed together. Yup, that's it. No, wait...You can add a little more to that combo like some dill along with salt and pepper.

So to put this recipe together, one needs just to quarter and slice a couple of large cucumbers into flat triangles, then take a cup or two of your favorite yogurt, a teaspoon of dill and toss everything together in a bowl. You can also season the Tzatziki with some salt and pepper to taste if you like.


This one comes straight from Italy and is pretty simple to make.

If you like tomatoes and exotic cheeses, try putting this one together in a simple salad bowl. Start by dicing some fresh tomatoes and then add some mozzarella cheese - mix together in equal parts, then add them both to the bowl. Once in, toss them with a bunch of fresh basil leaves (intact or minced), virgin oil, a little salt; and voila!


Next on the list is a Northern African staple now enjoyed around the world called couscous. Traditionally, this small pasta dish is enjoyed as a starch item served with stews or meat. However, lately, couscous dishes are being served as non-traditional side items like salads. Couscous consists of tiny balls of pasta that were once hand-rolled.

Couscous is now being mass-produced in factories thanks to the introduction of machinery.

You don't have to scan the web for a recipe on how to prepare this dish since all the instructions you need are usually stamped on the back of the package and are quite simple to follow. Couscous can be prepared over the stove like regular pasta and will be finished in less than 10 minutes. Once cooled, you can add just about any fruit or vegetables you like to the dish. Try these couscous recipe variations.

Greek salad

You've undoubtedly heard of this salad and have seen a variety of recipe variations that contain nearly a dozen ingredients to make it. However, a basic Greek salad usually calls for only half of those ingredients.

Truthfully, the recipe requires just one cucumber, a cup or two of cherry tomatoes, a handful of black olives and some feta to garnish. As for the vinaigrette, you can make your own from scratch or you could simply cheat and use it from a bottle purchased at the store.

Kale and cabbage slaw

Slaw salads are one of the best categories when it comes to making a simple salad recipe and there are a bunch of them to choose from. But the winner for this list has got to be kale and cabbage slaw. While it's not sweet like cole or carrot slaw (it's a savory type), it's one you shouldn't pass up if you're into fast and simple snacks. Start by shredding half a dozen leaves of fresh kale and combine them with half of a red or white cabbage cut the same way.

throw the shreds into a bowl and toss with some salt and pepper.

You could throw in some dressing or you could just use some plain oil. Some people also like to add toasted nuts to this salad for a crunchy taste or some other vegetables to kick things up. Just look up some recipe variations from time to time.