In layman's terms, a non-cake cake is any food that despite being labeled as a cake – and perhaps even resembles one – doesn’t necessarily adhere to conventional rules of cake making. To get a good idea, flourless cakes are a good example and are self-explanatory.

Also, these and some non-cake cakes don’t even require baking and are often chilled instead. But whatever method is used to produce these desserts, nothing is lost in terms of decorative and delicious qualities. Below is a list of such oddities in the baking world–each with a recipe that’s easy to follow for anyone in the mood for a non-traditional cake as their choice of dessert.

Icebox cake

As a popular non-cake cake, the icebox cake is the least comparable to an actual one. It’s a very simple layered dessert consisting of fruits and filling (cream, jam, or custard) sandwiched between wafers/crackers. What makes this dessert so great is that it’s similar to a trifle or charlotte whereas it's layered in a glass (or alternatively, a pan), then chilled and served cold.

Try this recipe for tiramisu icebox cake.

Magic cake

Next up is the only item on the list that does resemble an actual cake. In fact, magic cake, aka gateau magique, is a 3-layered dessert that starts with a sponge at the top, a middle portion consisting of cream, and ends with custard at the bottom. It’s a pretty weird French dessert especially since all three components form out of one batter.

But the awful simplism of its recipe puts it above the usual suspects.

Learn this incredibly simple magic cake recipe.

Cheesecake (baked or no-bake)

When it comes to breaking tradition in the bakery, cheesecake is the oldest of the old. It’s also one of the most popular given its smooth consistency and tarty flavor that makes use of cream cheese.

But the best part about cheesecake is that it doesn’t even have to be baked. Rather, it can be chilled as long as the eggs are swapped out for a harmless stabilizer like gelatin, for example.

Try this key lime cheesecake.

Pavlova cake

This one is the easiest of the bunch considering it’s just a huge meringue wearing frosting and fruit for a wig.

The meringue is made by whipping egg whites with sugar. However, take note that the whites need to be stabilized during whipping which will require the inclusion of an acidic ingredient like cream of tartar or citrus juice–just a few drops will do. Once made, consumers are in for a treat that takes the form of a bright cloud with a crispy exterior and a marshmallowy interior. Hence, Pavlova is sheerly heavenly to eat!

Check out this basic pavlova recipe.

Molten chocolate cake

The molten chocolate cake is probably the most fun to make on the list. It’s also the most challenging when it comes to nailing the consistency that sits between a souffle and an actual cake. That’s because there is almost no flour used.

Instead, the base consists mainly of melted chocolate. Other ingredients include butter, eggs and sugar. Once it’s properly baked, this chocolatey phenomenon will possess a fluffy exterior concealing a gooey interior that slowly runs out like lava when spooned through.

Here is a red velvet molten cake to try.