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Super simple cookies and cream ice cream recipe

One of the most delightful variations to this popular dessert just got easy!
In this day and age, there shouldn't be a living soul who hasn't had the pleasure of consuming ice cream. Although realistically, not every kid was lucky enough to eat this universally delightful dessert when growing up, it has become a household name and is now available almost everywhere. And that may very well remain the case until humans no longer walk the Earth given how easy it has become to make. Today's recipe will break down what is considered to be the simplest way to produce ice cream. The flavor of choice in this recipe will be cookies and cream, a popular variation among foodies in the US. But first, here's a rundown on how ice cream was traditionally made to compare to the new method. How ice cream is traditionally made In the beginning, making ice cream was quite the chore. Like most of the desserts I've covered here, it started with a cooked custard as its base. This is basically a dairy product like milk, cream or both that's thickened with egg yolks and/or cornstarch,...