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Chicken Suprême: Super simple recipe

Learn how to perfect this awesome creamy accompaniment to a nice sautéed chicken dish.
Foodies who are especially fond of poultry have undoubtedly encountered Chicken Suprême. This chicken dish accompanied by a rich and creamy sauce is often well received across the world. Surprisingly, the dish also happens to be one of the simplest dishes to make for those who don't want to spend what seems like a small fortune on fine dining. Over the years, modern innovation and experience have afforded chefs more refined foods to serve up. This refined recipe for Chicken Suprême is one of many that will pave the way for amateurs seeking fine dining in their living room. But first, let's go over the basics of what makes this dish so elegant. What is Chicken Suprême? To better understand what a Chicken Suprême is, we first have to understand what a "Velouté " and "Sauce Suprême" are since our intended recipe wouldn't be possible without either. A Velouté is a sauce made by combining a roux (equal parts of butter and flour) with chicken stock. Sauce Supreme is a variation to...