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New Audi tech aims to end driving nuisance

There will be one less trinket obstructing your view when you're driving
Warning: this is not one of the most important tech developments in recent memory. Drivers on the road will be grateful to Audi regardless, especially those that need to be bothered to find their toll tag on a daily basis for their commute. The car company has developed new tech that can make the toll tag a thing of the past. That means no more interference at the top of your windshield to deflect the sun into your eyes at strange angles. Or no reaching into the glove compartment while trying to keep your hand on the steering wheel and an eye on the road as traffic comes to a halt for everyone doing the same. Way to go, Audi. Audi changes the toll game Engadget reported of the tech development early Friday morning. They report that Audi is working on a feature that will be built into cars during the manufacturing process, called the "Integrated Toll Module," or ITM for short. The gadget will be located behind the rear view mirror, where it will be rendered invisible to the formerly...