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Russia rolls out latest Tu-22M3M supersonic bomber and Trump must be wary

The long range strategic bomber is an offensive weapon that gives Russian Air Force global strike capability.
During the cold war, the erstwhile Soviet Union was a powerful adversary for the United States. The collapse of the Soviet state saw many projects wither away as the state that emerged from the ruins - Russia - had neither the manpower nor the money to keep projects alive. Things have changed with the arrival of Vladimir Putin. He is a man with global ambition and because of that, over the last decade, Russia has been becoming a formidable power. Defense World has reported that Russia has rolled out an advanced version of the old Soviet era bomber the Tu-22. Known as the TU-22M3M, the plane will roll out on August 16. It is a supersonic bomber with a range of over 2300 miles. New plane The new plane is more lethal than the earlier version as it is armed with ship striking missiles. The Business Insider has reported that the plane will specifically target the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier fleet of the US Navy which has, in weeks past, sailed through the China Sea in a show of...