TikTok is what you get when you loop a 15-second video over and over again. It should not be confused with the one released by Kesha almost ten years ago. Business Insider notes that the iOS and Android media app has become the most popular destination for millennials and Generation Z for creating and sharing short videos about anything and everything.

The new social and video app has 500 million users to date, and it's growing. Not a bad feat considering Facebook and YouTube have garnered the attention of users from across the globe. Speaking of users, TikTok has two-thirds of users that are under the age of 30.

Moreover, exactly 60 percent of its users in the U.S are between the ages of 16 to 24.

If you look at the social media landscape, it is surprising to see a newcomer capture the imagination of users to showcase creative videos.

Since the 2016 presidential elections in the U.S, social networks like Facebook have been under scrutiny. After the data breach by Cambridge Analytica, Mark Zuckerberg was summoned before U.S lawmakers. Perhaps its exponential rise has to do with users looking for lighter and more entertaining content.

About TikTok and its content

Unlike other social networks, TikTok is not U.S-based. The app was born in China and launched by ByteDance. The app made its debut in the international market in September 2017, which is separate from its twin app, Douyin.

ByteDance went into expansion by acquiring Musical.ly for a total of $1 billion.

The videos like the one above illustrate what users do with their free or professional time. For instance, some record comedy skits, lip-sync to a favorite song or famous line from a movie, pranks, and many more.

TikTok has become synonymous to Vine, yet it has evolved with much cooler video features, transitions, and effects.

You can record videos by choosing from a number of categories and find daily challenges.

It seems like Generation Z makes up the majority of the videos you scroll through. However, people in different professions have flocked to the platform to escape their daily and stressful jobs, and record their own 15-second videos during breaks.

From scrolling videos, you will notice nurses, police officers, soldiers, and others are engaging with the community.

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, politics has become a difficult subject to discuss over traditional social networks like Facebook and Twitter. So, the arrival of TikTok has reinvented the experience and built on making the content more about being creative.

News organizations and influencers are turning to TikTok

If you thought news agencies steered away from apps like TikTok, think again. There are news organizations like the Washington Post, NBC News, and the Dallas morning building their brand systematically.

Campaigns organized by the parent company, ByteDance have recruited big names like Charlie Puth, Kris Jenner, and Paris Hilton. Their gig? To push their #memeathon tag and see positive engagement levels. Videos get more engagement and viewership, so it is no surprise TikTok is amassing users wh flock to the platform.