It looks like a very hot summer on the GPU front. AMD will soon present the first Navi video card. The GPU is expected to arrive on the market at the end of May at Computex. Meanwhile, according to TechRadar, An unidentified Nvidia GPU has shown up on UserBenchmark with performance that fits it neatly between a GeForce RTX 2070 and GeForce RTX 2080. For now, all is silent from the American house and there is no information that gives an idea of the final performance of the first video card made at 7 nm. Meanwhile, the rumors leaked so far seem to agree that we will not see Top-of-the-range GPU with the new architecture.

Navi GPU

Before talking about the possible RTX 2070, I will review the information leaked so far on the Navi GPUs. What emerged indicates that AMD is developing the Navi 10 and Navi 20 chips, both made at 7 nm. The first rumors described Navi 10 as a medium-high-end chip, but still lower than the current top-of-the-range Radeon VII. Navi 20 should, instead, see the light of day in 2020, almost certainly in the first half of the year, and it will be the flagship GPU in the range.

Therefore, AMD should present the first 7nm video card by this summer, but with a performance that should not detract from NVIDIA's high-end dominance. What would happen if Navi 10 were to undermine the current mid-high end of NVIDIA?

The RTX 2060 represents a good compromise between price and performance. It allows to play in 1080p for every title but also gets along very well in 1440p. The RTX 2070, on the other hand, offers excellent performance at this latest resolution, but the price-performance ratio makes it probably the weakest proposal of the current range, which could be targeted precisely by the first Navi GPU.

That's why a possible RTX 2070 would make sense. With a simple update, NVIDIA could argue with the arrival of the new AMD GPU. For now, the information is scarce and should be taken with due caution. International sources have identified this new video card as an RTX 2070 Ti but it is not yet confirmed. Moreover, the specifications are only preliminary for now and speak of a 5-percent performance more than the current model.


TechRadar reports on Userbench, the benchmark in which it appeared, also detects 7.5 GB of RAM, a suspicious quantity that reveals a detection with several errors of the new GPU. The RTX 2070 remains a mystery for now but all may be confirmed in the coming weeks. What is certain, is that NVIDIA has accumulated a huge advantage over AMD. I am not talking about market shares, where NVIDIA still dominates, but of a temporal advantage that allows it to find solutions in abundance with every possible move by competitors. AMD has the 7 nm production process on its side, compared to the 12 nm of the current RTX, but NVIDIA with the RTX GPUs has been on the market since November.