The Pokémon Company announced “Pokémon Home” on Tuesday, May 28 during their 2019 Press Conference announcing new developments in the franchise. It is a new cloud storage service for players of the world-famous game series, one that goes beyond what “Pokémon Bank,” an earlier iteration, can do.

The Nintendo 3DS games utilized a cloud storage service where players of the 3DS titles could store their captured "pocket monsters" and transfer them across, say, the “Black & White” series with “Sun & Moon” or vice versa. Nintendo hit upon an idea to make this platform available to all possible “Pokémon” games through this new service.

Cross-platform experience

What “Pokémon Home” does is provide a storage location, via a cloud, where gamers who play videogame titles of the franchise, accessible online on different platforms, can have a universal place where they can store their captured monsters. It, thus, provides a compatible extension of the “Pokémon Bank” feature from the Nintendo 3DS portable titles that will work with the new console games on the Nintendo Switch, as well as the mobile game phenomenon of “Pokémon Go.”

The official Pokémon Twitter page noted how the monster-catching game franchise which began on Nintendo Game Boy has become a true cross-platform experience that exists beyond a single game or device.

“We wanted to bring everything together,” said their Twitter post regarding “Pokémon Home,” which they see as a bridge that connects their franchise through a variety of games, along with connecting players with each other.

Pokémon transfer from Switch to 3DS to 'Go'

To serve as an example, let us say a player on Nintendo-Niantic’s “Pokémon Go” for mobile devices eventually got a Nintendo Switch with either the entry-level “Pokémon: Let’s Go” games or the upcoming “Pokémon Sword & Shield” console entries.

He has a highly-trained and leveled Pikachu on his “Go” game account that he wants to carry over to the Switch. Opening an account on “Pokémon Home” will allow him to transfer his Pikachu’s data from his smartphone with the “Go” app to his Switch game’s save file. Alternatively, if he has that high-powered Pikachu on a save in his 3DS save, he can transfer it to “Go” or the Switch titles through this upcoming cloud storage.

Pokémon Home” is geared to work with users to enable them not just to trade his monster allies across his Nintendo game saves, but also for trading with other players. This capacity extends globally, whether gamers are trading with nearby players or those they have listed as online friends. The upcoming service is expected to launch in full by 2020. This is but only one of the many new "Pokémon" related stuff revealed in the recent Pokémon Press Conference 2019.