In the last two weeks, we have seen a lot of "Fortnite" game news especially with the conclusion of the "Fornite" World Cup in the Arthur Ashe tennis stadium in Queens, New York City. Epic Games truly has an exciting franchise in their hands due to the dedicated gaming community it fosters. Two recent updates to the game have, in fact, been added, with varying receptions from fans.

Tilted Town battleground touted as an improvement

In the latest Fornite game news, a new Rift Zone has just been introduced to the platform through the 10.00 content update.

The futuristic-themed Neo Tilted has been replaced into Tilted Town, according to Inverse. In this new battleground, players will be navigating a Wild West-themed location.

A lot of players have praised the update, saying that it fundamentally improves the mechanics and gameplay. The text that welcomes a player to Tilted Town outlines the two rules in the city: no breaking and no building. This changes the core of "Fortnite’s" appeal, as breaking and building are two main mechanics in the game.

The update also makes even the easiest tasks more complicated. Since you can no longer break or build, you will actually have to find stairs to navigate within a multiple-level building.

The good thing is, building and breaking has not been taken away from all of "Fortnite." This means that you can still enjoy these mechanics in other parts of the game.

World Cup winner Bugha frustrated at BRUTE mechs

Meanwhile, "Fortnite" World Cup winner Bugha is making headlines a week or so after winning $3 million in prize money. According to Dexerto, Bugha encountered the feature when he was playing trios with Dubs of FaZe Clan and Bizzle. He was eliminated from a game because an enemy wearing a BRUTE mech suit stomped on him.

This happened during a stream scheduled last August 07.

This caused Bugha to threaten to never play "Fornite" again. He directed his frustration at Epic Games, urging them to remove the feature. Streamers like Tfue and NICKMERCS have also said that they did not like the machines in the game.

For their part, Epic Games have committed to evaluating the place of the BRUTE mechs in the game.

However, there is still no assurance on when the changes regarding these particular mechs will be seen in the game.

Have you checked out the Tilted Town battleground? What are your thoughts on this latest "Fortnite" game news? Will "Fortnite" World Cup winner Bugha be able to persuade developers to take out the BRUTE mechs? Tell us your "Fortnite" related theories and opinions in the comments.

Watch a trailer for "Fortnite" season X in the clip.

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