Apple AirPods are getting a number of features with its new version. The wireless headphones launched two years ago and have quickly become a worldwide phenomenon and appreciated by users all over the world, probably surpassing even the manufacturer's expectations. AirPods 2 are more an update of the old model rather than a completely new product.

Faster and with wireless charging

The most important innovation of AirPods 2 is wireless charging. Apple has already gone ahead with the work and has announced that the second generation of its headsets can be recharged without wires.

The Lightning entrance remains, which allows you to hook the case to an Apple charger, but the owners of a refill pad will have to do nothing but put the case on it and wait for the loading to finish. AirPods 2 is a solid upgrade which brings welcome battery, efficiency and usability improvements to the original model. According to Wired, more battery life is always welcome. The new earbuds will last for five hours of music and three hours of talk time (an hour longer than the first AirPods).

Talking about H1 chip, it features a custom audio architecture that can create a better audio experience and faster synchronization. In fact, H1 guarantees up to 50-percent more autonomy during conversation than first-generation AirPods.

It also promises greater responsiveness in recognizing the devices to be associated. One can switch from one device to another while listening to music on Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone. Obviously, we need to see in practical terms what the impact of this chip will be, but the shorter reactivity time compared to the previous generation and the ability to switch between various devices undoubtedly represents a significant step forward in terms of usability.

Price of the AirPod 2

Prices for the new AirPods obviously increased compared to the previous model, but users still have more purchase options available. The first generation of AiriPods has been virtually removed from the market, and in the shops (apart from third-party ones) only the new H1 chip headphones are available. According to CNET, The new pods with a standard charging case costs $159, the same price as the original AirPods, or $199 for the wireless charging option.

The wireless charging case on its own, which is backward-compatible with the first-gen Apple AirPods, is $79. The new purchase options are already available for purchase on the Apple website, while the arrival in the physical stores is expected only for next week.