The VPN market is one of the growing segments of the IT industry. New service providers are jostling for space among the more prominent players in an increasingly crowded sector. The market is today seeing many start-ups, and they are holding their own among the major brands. These greenhorns offer security in new areas of privacy. However, significant players like Norton Secure VPN are still leading the roost with simple products that are affordable and provide underlying protection for the everyday user. Here we explain various protocols and security mechanisms used in VPN.

What is a VPN?

When a common internet infrastructure secure network creates a safe set up much like a cocoon insulating the data of the user from phishing or malware attacks, it is known as a Virtual Private network. The system uses a different security mechanism like encryption to allow only authorized users to access the data. Norton Secure VPN protects your data by creating a virtual tunnel and hides your IP address, making it almost impossible to track your location between websites.

Split Tunneling

Today most VPN services offer split tunneling for better security. The user can decide which apps will use the VPN Split tunneling setup. Multihop VPN routes the user’s connection through several servers for additional protection.

However, this feature is not available in the packs of most VPN providers, and the user has to shell out a few more bucks to get them included. However, Norton Secure VPN is being offered at very economical rates, and this also includes enhanced security features like split tunneling for better security.

Data protection

Before deciding on a VPN product make sure your data is not being shared.

Norton Secure VPN does not share its user’s data with any third parties including ad networks or other monetization solutions, so you can trust them with keeping your data 100% secure.

Chinks in the Internet security

Today internet security has gained more urgency. Parents are finding it more and more challenging to insulate their kids from cyberbullying.

It is an ideal time to go for an online health check-up and reinforce any chinks in online security.

Negate identity theft with LifeLock

Identity theft instances are also increasing, and fraudsters regularly dupe naïve netizens. Credit Card passwords, Social Security Card details can be obtained illegally. Services such as LifeLock from Norton Secure VPN will ensure that fraudsters cannot hack your private login details.

Do’s and don’t’s

Be aware of online safety. Educate users, especially kids, about the threats regularly.

Use your internet time wisely and productively. Focus more on-screen time quality. Cybercriminals are shrewd operators and update their modus operandi to bypass security measures.

Remain up to date with the latest versions of the security apparatus. Regularly update the patches sent by the Norton Secure VPN to remove security vulnerabilities.

Better password management

Passwords are the first line of defense against any cyber-attacks. Enhance password security by creating stronger passwords and keep changing them to make it more difficult for fraudsters to steal your private details. Use different passwords for different apps and enhance your security by using a password management program like the Norton Password Manager.