Microsoft has been contributing a lot in the advancement of tech for the past couple of decades. The company is considered a pioneer in tech innovations. Over the years, Microsoft has introduced numerous software applications namely Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Suite and hardware products like Xbox to the tech world that have brought it among the 30 largest corporations of US as per total revenue. On May 17, Microsoft announced that it's going to invest in training its employees for AI skills to expand the pool of its AI-skilled workforce.

Why is Microsoft collaborating with the General Assembly?

As reported by TechCrunch, Microsoft will invest in training and certification of 15000 employees for a wide range of AI-skills in collaboration with education provider General Assembly. The company said it wants to play its role for the development of AI and aims to contribute toward nourishing the AI talent. The training will primarily focus on Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and data science, along with data engineering and cloud.

In the first year of the project, Microsoft will train 2000 people for AI-related skills. In succeeding three years, the company will train an additional 13000 people with AI along with machine learning and data science skills.

The goal is to train at least 15000 people by 2022.

Microsoft is also starting this initiative in view that most of its workers are not skilled enough to fill-up vacancies that demand certain AI skills, for instance, the roles that involve the use of Azure in aerospace, manufacturing or elsewhere. Moreover, Microsoft aims to export these trained workers to its customers who are looking for AI-skilled talent.

What is AI Standards Board?

Microsoft's partnership with the General Assembly will establish a board named AI Standards Board. This AI board will develop assessments, define AI-skill standards, and design a framework to create credentials for AI-skills.

The initiative also includes the formation of an AI Talent Network, which will serve the purpose of souring the candidates for contractual and long-term employment.

This network will be assisted by General Assembly's 22 campuses and Adecco ecosystem, which will be connected with jobs pipeline.

What will be the impact of Microsoft's Initiative on tech world?

According to a research, there will be 133 million new jobs for people with AI-skills by 2022. Microsoft said it believes in the potential of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and data science to change the tech world and their impact on jobs sector has urged Microsoft to initiate this training program.

Tech Crunch quoted the company's Vice President Jean Philippe Courtois as saying, "We have a responsibility to help our workers access AI training to thrive in the workplace of today and tomorrow." He further said that he's thrilled about Microsoft joining hands with General Assembly to ensure a better future for workers and businesses in an AI-driven economy.