The XboxOne Channel: The Channel for all your Xbox gaming updates and news.


The XboxOne Channel: The Channel for all your Xbox gaming updates and news.

Interested in XboxOne related content? You came to the right place, at the XboxOne channel we cover a variety of Xbox related topics. Curious about the Xbox One X? You came to the right place In this channel hub you can find all the latest updates about what's going on in the Xbox Universe.

At this Channel, we aim to inform all gamers on what's going on in the Xbox community. Here you can see updates on video games in development, any future betas and alphas going on, and any games in preview being released. You can also find our latest Xbox One related articles and reviews covering various topics. The latest major topics we will be going over is the Xbox One X which is the most powerful console coming out. We will be making a review on the Xbox One X and will be going in depth about its features and hardware components. Forza 7 recently released and we will be covering topics and reviews for this game as well. If this is something you're interested in, subscribe to this channel and look for updates.

Interested in the latest Indie games coming to Xbox One? We will be covering information on the newest Indie titles releasing in the ID@Xbox program and the new Collection Club. Indie titles are important to us and we want to make sure we cover these topics as well. We will also be covering new Xbox accessories that come out throughout the year. Some people are curious if some products are worth it or what things are good about them-- you can find all this information on our channel.

We want to have a nice community where people can come and discuss video game topics while also learning new information about them without being criticized. If you have any questions or wish to be apart of the team you can message @Megamanx67 on Twitter for information and future opportunities. Right now the Starwars Battlefront II closed beta is going on right now and the open beta will start tomorrow. If you want to see coverage while it is going on we can cover it here as well, the closed beta seems to be going well for everyone as it goes on.

Recently Cuphead released last weekend on September 29th and fans all around are enjoying its release. If you have any questions or inquires message @Megamanx67 on Twitter-- our goal here is to keep gamers informed and entertained with the latest content. We will update this page and re-design it regularly the best we can, subscribe to keep up with the latest updates and news in the Xbox Community.

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