The A900 robot vacuum is the latest invention by the Shenzhen-based brand, Amarey. This suction device integrates simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) and is expected to go on sale in March 2019.

SanKobot is the parent company of Amarey. It is a tech startup based in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

This latest product launch and release surpassed the previous generation vacuum. It goes more than just a few steps further since the gadget has added technologies and is the next-generation state of the art.

Features, technologies, and functionality of the Amarey A900

According to an iGeekphone dot com report, this A900 model comes with lots of upgrade points. As mentioned above, it comes with SLAM technology. In addition, it comes with an app intelligent remote control, detective sensors, voice control (Alexa and Google Assistant, long-time suction power, etc.

The SLAM technology means that the device is equipped with a 145-degree wide angle lens. In other words, it can map the environment and it will automatically localize itself. So, this allows the vacuum to visually locate and identify furniture during its journey while cleaning the premises.

The artificial intelligence (AI) remote control also simplifies usage.

How? The app includes map building, scheduled cleaning, and control via the remote. While you are away working or running errands, you can receive real-time updates on your smartphone. If for some reason you cannot be home for consecutive days at a time you can schedule your robot to clean anytime.

One crucial feature embedded in the Amarey vacuum is the sensors.

Not only does it map the house, but it also has anti-collision sensors. This helps the device clean quietly and gently, so it does not bump into furniture. If you own or rent a multi-level home, you can also enable anti-drop sensors.

Concerned about how much time it can clean for? The company answers this pressing question.

The vacuum can last for 120 minutes, which is equivalent to two hours. If you wish to increase the degree of suction, the estimated running-time drops to 90 minutes.

Other noteworthy robot vacuums in 2019

As reported by Tom's guide, there's a list of the best vacuums for this year. After 600 hours of testing, the favorite model was the Shark Ion R85. The official price is $269.99. Moreover, the features include both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It includes an optional stick vacuum. This will allow users to clean hard-to-reach places and cushions.

An alternative to the Shark Ion or the A900 is the Eufy RoboVac 11S. This brand model is designed for price-conscious consumers. It does lack the smart-home connectivity and sophisticated technologies, however, it still gets the job done picking up debris.

Takeaways and conclusions

This brand new year is bringing lots of innovation and new vacuums into the marketplace. It will be interesting to see how many units are sold throughout 2019.

Finally, the aim is to make cleaning at home easier for those who enjoy the convenience of never having to clean floors and carpets again.