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Amazon opening its first grocery store without checkout lines

Amazon's new store allows Prime Members to shop without having to standing in checkout line.
Amazon has announced that after a year of testing, they will be opening their first store that allows shoppers to literally "grab and go," and not have to wait in a checkout line. The store uses...
22 January 2018 -
L. Lease

Amazon patents a tracking wristband for its Workers

Will a new technological upgrade of worker surveillance a manipulation be upon us?
Already accused of having a draconian work environment, Amazon has been granted a patent to give their own workers ultrasonic wristbands that will track their every move, and nudge them in the right...
8 February 2018 -
G. Knutson

Amazon to raise monthly Prime membership fee

The jump will be from $10.99 to $12.99. It represents an 18 percent increase.
Over 80 million people use Amazon Prime. Whether you're using it just for the shipping or taking full advantage of their music, video, photo storage, Kindle book borrowing, and more, Amazon gives you...
21 January 2018 -
D. Galicia
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  • Pope Francis speaks up about illegal miners in Peru

    Illegal miners and a corrupted government are destroying the Peruvian Amazon.
    Since last Friday (Jan. 19), Pope Francis has been on a tour all over Latin America, and while he was in Peru, he talked about the Amazon's native people. Reports from Al Jazeera was one of the main...
    21 January 2018
    F. Camacho
  • In a surprise move Amazon is slashing hundreds of jobs

    Amazon is laying off a few hundred employees from its Seattle headquarters.
    Amazon announced they are letting go of hundreds of employees based out of the Seattle headquarters. The cuts come following a massive eight-year hiring spree, which grew the company from 5,000...
    13 February 2018
    L. Lease
  • Amazon's latest go app is putting self-checkouts to shame

    A line free no checkout innovation from Amazon isn't sweeping the nation yet.
    Amazon is once again redefining how we shop. Creating A new app that works with a physical store and lets you ditch the checkout lines. This app is called Amazon Go. The new Amazon Go store in...
    22 January 2018
    M. Doane
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