Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant is busy in developing the upcoming Android Q based operating system; MIUI 11 these days. Still, there are no words for how long Xiaomi will take to launch the new MIUI 11, but the official launch is scheduled before the winters, according to GizmoChina.com.

Well, the new MIUI 11 is going to introduce some new features to all Xiaomi devices. And other than the new user interface, new icon package, better performance, and better app management, XiaoAI, company's own personal voice assistant like Samsung's Bixby will be revealed with the launch of MIUI 11.

Another feature that got leaked online is the "Inter-finger call." Here, we will talk more about the new "Inter-finger call" feature.

The new feature not named yet

For now, we are not sure about the name of the new feature, the exact name will be different from what mentioned here, but the overwhelming thing about this feature is its function.

A screenshot surfaced online, which mentioned about this new feature. According to which, this feature in new MIUI 11 can be activated while the user is attending a call. When the user receives a call on the device, the Inter-finger call appears on the screen.

Inter-finger call working

Talking about the function of Inter-finger call feature. According to the description mentioned along with the screenshot, the new feature assists in answering the call. This AI-feature is powered by XiaoAI, the voice assistant, which receives the call, when activated, and converts the voice call into the text messages and shows you on the screen in the real-time.

So, how is it going to help you? Well, you need not receive the call, the Inter-finger call feature will convert the voice call in the text form and in addition you will get assistance in responding to the call. For this, XiaoAI will show you the possible responses for the ongoing conversation.

You can respond by selecting the options, and the assistant will convert the text responses again into the voice call, which will be forwarded to the person on the other side of the phone.

Any Xiaomi device powered by the new OS will be able to use this feature, which can be activated in the MIUI Lab. And after activating the function, the Inter-finger call feature will appear on the screen, and the user can enable it.

While, MIUI 11 will roll-out globally on eligible Xiaomi devices, the Inter-finger call feature in MIUI 11 will debut in China before any Xiaomi market. Also, the feature is powered by XiaoAI, Xiaomi's upcoming virtual voice assistant. But still, the Chinese OEM hasn't announced the launch of XiaoAI in any other country.

Well, we are not sure about the roll-out of this new feature in other regions, but we will update this post soon.