Apple iPhone 11 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of this year. Apple held an event on March 25 to launch a few of its products. Now, all eyes settle on the company's upcoming event. Now the focus is on the iPhone that we should see presented in mid-September. During the week we have been seeing new leaks of what these iPhones will have. It's been given a provisional name of "iPhone XI." The rumors hovering on the internet suggest that the upcoming device might have three camera lenses. In addition, there is a strong reason for Apple to substantially improve the camera of the iPhone.

Camera changes for iPhone 11

The competition is gaining a lot of ground so some people think that the Pixel 3 cameras will have better quality and photographs are precisely one of the most important reasons when choosing a smartphone. On the other hand, Samsung's S10 has been heavily praised for its camera quality and features. It means there are pretty good chances that Apple will bring its flagship with three cameras. The new iPhone is expected to carry a new chip more powerful and efficient, and rumors indicate that it will be named the A13 chip. According to CNET, there are some rumors about laser-guided, AR-ready, 3D cameras being integrated with Face ID in the future.

We can also see the reduction in the notch, which will be placed on the top of the display, as usual, thanks to new TrueDepth sensors that can be hidden under the pixels of an OLED screen.

There is also a possibility of a change in the size of the screen thanks to a reduction of that 'Notch' or the edges of the phone. We could have three models with screens of 5.42-inches, 6.06-inches, and 6.67 inches. There are some sources that deny this and insist that we will continue to see the current 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5-inch screens of the iPhone XS and XR.

Meanwhile, according to The Verve, rumors of the inclusion of a Lightning to USB-C cable along with an 18W charger in the box comes with this year’s iPhones. If this is true they are long overdue.


There is a very slight possibility that the successor of the current iPhone XR will go from having an LCD screen to an OLED, although there are several sources that suggest that the LCD screen will continue for another year.

Finally, WiFi 6? Some people say that the next iPhone could have that new wireless connection protocol. At the moment the available information on this matter is very scarce. Of course, this whole list can change as time goes by. We must be very clear that all these are rumors and no matter how reliable we think they are, Apple may end up giving us surprises. As always, we will be attentive to new leaks. The upcoming iPhone models will compete with Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note series smartphones.