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I want to get updates on Android

Microsoft Edge is now available on Google Play Store - the web browser, Microsoft Edge by Microsoft Company now have an Android and iOS versions

Previously, Microsoft announced that it is going to make the Edge web browser available for both Android and iOS platforms. About a week after this announcement, Microsoft put up a preview of the Microsoft Edge on Play Store which are now available for Android users (customers) for download.

The company’s default browser is the Internet Explorer which is available and shipped together with the company’s desktop Operating Systems (OS). Internet Explorer was last shipped with Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 OS. Microsoft Edge is an uncluttered replacement of the old web browser, Internet Explorer, though security issues were fixed among others.

Though Microsoft was only accepting customers’ requests who wanted Edge on their mobile phone at the time of this Edge preview.

Users will be warned that Edge for Android version is still on its beta stage and thus unstable but however, it can be downloaded and installed.

Features of the Microsoft Edge web browser

The app is more beneficial for those who uses the desktop version already. User’s information like favorites and reading lists can be synced across devices such that one can continue where he/she left off on PC. This feature is similar to the feature currently available on Microsoft Word, a word processor app by Microsoft shipped as part of a suite of software popularly known as Microsoft Office. Microsoft Word allows its users to continue on the page they were working on before they shut the app down. Edge on Andriod supports this feature.

Other features of the Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS version that are available for user are:

Reading View; this feature of Microsoft's Edge app helps its Android and iOS users to reorganize and make web contents easier for reader to read them. The feature that helps the user to pull information once they are scanned is the QR Code Reader, while the Voice Search allow the user to ask or search for something without typing it.

Some Microsoft’s apps might be bundled to this Android application

Some apps by Microsoft like Cortana, “could” be integrated with Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS to help users to make intelligent predictions the way it does for Windows PC. Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant created by Microsoft for Windows Phone 8.1 and most Microsoft’s latest software, OS or devices.

The Android browser, Microsoft Edge, is based on Chromium browser project. It uses the Blink rendering engine which gives Microsoft more control and better performance instead of using the Android WebView control. This implies that Edge will be shipped with our own copy of the rendering engine, said Microsoft.

The app can be grabbed by signing up for the preview on the Google Play Store.