Archer Aviation is an American company that made its debut in California with Maker. This happens to be its first electric air taxi with a capacity of two. It has a range of 60 miles and can attain a speed of 150mph. It becomes a new mode of travel for those who live in cities. The CEO of the company expects to launch it commercially in 2024 in Los Angeles and Miami. It is pursuing certification of the piloted four-passenger air taxi. The Federal Aviation Administration FAA are the authorities who would grant the certification. Since it is powered by electricity, it would be a travel option free from the clutches of harmful gases that lead to global warming and is undesirable.

Daily Mail UK reports the air taxi Maker has yet to undergo flights. The interest is growing for zero-emission aircraft that operate on the VTOL principle. That means they can take off and land vertically like helicopters and fly like planes. Many companies are trying to identify new markets. In June 2019, the media mentioned Uber and its plans to launch an air taxi service by 2023. It wanted to revolutionize the concept of the city transportation system.

There are many options for air taxis

An official of Archer Aviation says - "Our real goal is to make mass-market transportation solution in and around cities." The entry-level price would vary between $3 and $4 per passenger mile. Benefits would accrue in the form of reduced travel time.

A trip by car from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Manhattan takes 60 to 90 minutes. In comparison, the air taxi would cover the 17-mile distance in five to seven minutes. Moreover, it would be a quiet journey with no traffic jams on the way. Daily Mail UK adds that Archer is determined to curb carbon emissions. In November 2020, a news report said air taxis could be the future option to travel in cities and Orlando, the first hub in America.

A promising market for air taxis

In the opinion of experts, the market for e-VTOL would be worth a fortune over the next decade. The returns would not be immediate because there would be an element of uncertainty vis-à-vis obtaining the regulatory approval of the CAA. This is mandatory for all aerial vehicles. The market is competitive because there is a demand for a system that provides a quick travel option to people in cities.

The unveiling of Archer Aviation's Maker coincided with an announcement of American Airlines related to major investments in VTOL aircraft. Vertical Aerospace is developing a four-passenger electric aircraft for transporting people from city centers to airports. It has plans for conducting its first test flight later this year and is hopeful of getting regulatory approvals by 2024.

Air taxi unveiled at a virtual event in Los Angeles

According to Cnet, Archer Aviation unveiled its air taxi Maker at a virtual event in Los Angeles. The model on display is a prototype for testing and certification. It is an e-VTOL aircraft and does not need any runway for takeoff or landing. Since it operates on electricity, there will be no generation of greenhouse gases.

Hence, it would be environmentally friendly. The company assures the air taxi is similar to a conventional helicopter and appeals to those on board. Archer looks at an air taxi convenient for shuttling VIPs from one location to another in the city. Its design is meant for operating up to 40 flights per day. The final version would have a pilot and accommodation for four passengers. One of its customers is United Airlines. It wants to diminish its carbon footprint. The company is hopeful of launching regular commercial flights from Los Angeles and Miami sometime in 2024.