The National Space Administration of China confirms it has successfully put another probe on the Moon. Its robotic Chang'e-5 mission stole a march over countries like the United States and Russia. In January 2019, China landed a robot on the dark side of the moon. It wanted to explore the side of the moon that earlier missions ignored. Now, in December 2020, another robot of China reached the moon. Its task is to collect and bring back to Earth samples of moon rock and dust. Two missions to the moon within a short span of time is proof that the country has made a dramatic progress in space exploration.

It has utilized a combination of Renewable Energy, artificial intelligence and robotics to proceed with well defined objectives.

The BBC says the target of the Chang'e-5 mission is a high volcanic complex in a nearside region of the moon. It has its work cut out. The lander would spend some time to examine the areas in its vicinity and collect materials from the surface. There is a range of equipment in the lander to help the robot collect the required material. The broad plan is to lay hands on a predetermined amount of the soil and moon rocks and transport them to an orbiting vehicle for onward journey to Earth. Once on Earth, scientists would analyze the materials in order to improve their knowledge of the moon.

China can be proud of its achievement

The Soviet Luna 24 mission picked up very small amounts of samples from the moon. That was 44 years back. However, this moon mission would bring back something more substantial. China gave wide media coverage to the launch of Chang'e-5 a week ago but did not extend a similar coverage to its landing on the moon.

Once the robot touched down, the media relayed the information along with images of the descent on the dusty lunar surface. The BBC adds that the American space agency congratulated China for its achievement. Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, a senior official of NASA, hopes the international research community would get an opportunity to analyze some of the samples.

Such an exercise would benefit the world.

Chang'e-5 of China will be on the moon for two days

According to CNN, China is a late starter in the field of space exploration. It has landed a lunar probe on the surface of the moon. During its stay of two days, the robotic spacecraft would engage in collecting samples of soil and rock. Mission control will guide it from the ground. The task is to collect rocks from the surface, and soil from a hole in the ground. The amount collected would be around 4.5-lbs. China would begin from where others had left off in the 1970s. Its success would mean a feather in its cap because it would become the third country to have retrieved lunar samples. The others are the United States and the former Soviet Union decades ago.

China wants to prove its ability

Until now, China was a new entrant in the field of space research but it wants to compete on equal terms with America and Russia. The first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong, an American. That was in 1969. Subsequently, America concentrated on developing the International Space Station and mission to Mars. However, recently, NASA has made plans to revisit the moon with a team of astronauts as a part of its Artemis program. One of them would be a woman. CNN goes on to add that the United States brought back 842 lbs of moon rocks and soil between 1969 and 1972 as a part of its Apollo program. The Soviet Union brought back only six ounces of samples in 1976. They have been examining these samples to understand the composition of the moon and get an idea of the natural resources available on the alien surface. Incidentally, China has plans to build a space station by 2022. It wants to make its presence felt in the field of space research.