Supercar maker Bugatti has finally ended rumors and speculations about a new SUV. The company has officially denied rumors about a possible new luxury performance SUV.

The idea of Bugatti joining the SUV race might no longer come as a big surprise to everyone. Rival luxury brands like Porsche, Bentley, and Lamborghini have already announced plans for SUV lineups.

SUVs are getting more popular for the automakers. First, they sell well and are easy to market. Second, they are a good source of steady revenue and a new market for growth. More importantly, they are highly profitable.

That huge profit could also be used by a company to strengthen its brand and fund the development of the next generation of luxury vehicles or Supercars. Compared to sedans and coupes, profit margins on SUVs are pretty much larger, which also the reason why every automaker has at least one SUV in their lineup.

Bugatti confirms new models for this year

The French automaker has already released a statement, where it officially shut down rumors of the company’s plan for a luxury performance SUV. In the company’s 110th anniversary celebration, Bugatti CEO Stephen Winkelmann took steps to talk about the company’s future plans. The high-ranking Bugatti official said that the idea of having a new luxury performance SUV would simply not work with its brand and history.

Instead, the CEO made a stunning revelation to the public, confirming that the company would release new models this year along with some few surprises.

Last year, the company unveiled two big models, the Bugatti Divo and the Bugatti Chiron Sport. Divo is a 1,500-horsepower, track-oriented supercar that the company claimed can outrun Chiron in a test track.

Divo is also the first Bugatti car that values track performance over straight line power. Unfortunately, this supercar comes at a hefty tag price, a whopping $5.7 million. Deliveries will start next year.

Bugatti sold Divo for more than a million higher than the actual price tag

In other supercar-related stories, Bugatti has already introduced its new Divo supercar and has already pre-sold all 40 exclusive build slot of the upcoming supercar.

The most interesting part of the story is that it sold the new car for more than a million higher than the officially-announced price.

According to Motor1, the company has managed to sell all those 40 units for 7,913,500 euros or $7,545,090. Deliveries will start before this year end or early next year.