A ceremony August 6, 2019, in Mojave County, Arizona celebrated the official groundbreaking of the largest solar-powered data center in the world. Pegasus Group Holdings owns the $3 billion data center, known by its nickname "The Hive,' which will produce a staggering 340 megawatts of energy every hour.

Jay Bloom is the Chairman of Pegasus Group Holdings' board of directors and he proudly announced, "340 megawatts represents 165 metric tons of carbon that are now coming out of the air. "We are going to be running approximately 165,000 servers. Those servers consume a lot of electricity.

And that electricity would otherwise be coming from coal, or oil, or natural gas. Well, now they're coming from sunlight." Bloom, a renowned entrepreneur, further elaborated about the data center's long term environmental benefits, "By moving 340 megawatts off the grid, we are reducing carbon by the equivalent of 308,143 cars. It’s the same as taking 308,143 cars off the road as far as carbon emissions reduction."

Data Center receives royal treatment

The unprecedented positive action toward the environment has attracted many influential individuals including global icon Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York who spoke glowingly about the data center and its possibilities, "Because of the hive, because of what you've done you are a blueprint for the rest of the world that at last people are joining forces to make a difference.

So the rural areas of the world, whether it be small islands or anywhere in the world, can have the right to power." The Duchess is widely regarded for her philanthropic efforts and offered, "We're building a better planet for your future." She has agreed to take on the public role of official Brand Ambassador for Pegasus Group Holdings.

Tony Robbins is motivated by the Data Center's possibilities

Many others were in attendance including notable Las Vegas-based businessmen Michael Evers and M. Albert Ramirez who are both partners in Pegasus Group Holdings. The ceremony concluded with encouraging words from businessman, author, and motivational speaker Tony Robbins who is one of the most recognized and respected men in the world.

Robbins shared his vision of how the new data center will play a pivotal role in changing the world as it is known today, "I think what you're seeing here today is the beginning of something that can be scaleable around the world. And all of the things that we take for granted can be done, but not at the cost of our communities. I think the opportunity is amazing." He also shared, "It's something that touches people all over the world. Most of us forget how lucky we are."