Artificial Intelligence is playing an increasing role in every field of life. Today, there are numerous applications of AI in the consumer and business spaces that have allowed entrepreneurs to gain more with doing less. With the advancement in technology, more organizations are looking for smart and sophisticated solutions to improve and streamline their operations.

Following the pattern, Nike, the world's largest supplier for athletic shoes has announced that it will introduce a smart feature in its app this summer which will allow people to measure the size of their feet with the precision of up to two millimeters by using their smartphones.

What is NikeFit and how does it operate?

As reported by TechCrunch, NikeFit is a foot-scanning solution designed to find the person's optimum fit. It uses a combination of machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, a computer vision, and recommendation algorithms to find the best fit for the person.

With the accuracy of up to two millimeters, NikeFit collects the data from dozens of points in a foot and feeds it into a machine learning model that possesses every detail of Nike silhouette down to the materials that were used. This information is then paired with AI capabilities to give customized fit to the wearer and to learn how this result relates to the population as a whole.

With greater information, Nike will not only have the opportunity to improve their products as per the customer's preferences continually, but it will also be able to check and learn more about the performance of new models and will acquire a valuable insight to produce best fitting shoes for customers.

How Nike's vice president views NikeFit?

Nike's vice president Josh Moore claimes NikeFit ''a remarkable achievement''. He said that augmented reality is a new kind of experience for Nike customers. Nike has been working and experimenting a lot on SNKRS app for last few years where it has learned a lot about the use of augmenting reality.

Moore expressed his amazement and said, "We are talking about smartphones, (.............) people can actually measure their feet using their own smartphones and there is no common UX pattern for this,"

Impact of NikeFit technology on the retail world

As individualism has become a marketing tool, the custom fit seems like a next step.

Although, this technology is only restricted to footwear at present, yet, in the future, it has the potential to change the retail world enormously.

NikeFit will be introduced within the Nike app and in selected retail stores in the US in July 2019. However, European customers will be able to enjoy this foot-scanning solution later in the summer.