Apple might be too focused on their laptops, mobile devices, and online services, or so you might think, but this week they introduced their newest desktop to go against their old rival the Windows-operating PC. The third-generation Apple Mac Pro was unveiled on Monday, June 3, during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

There is a lot to be said about the Mac Pro desktop. Its primary tower component is a blast from the past, a reversal from the “trash can” CPU of the second generation. Its aesthetic design has garnered some laughs, but these are balanced by groans from Apple users, considering the new Mac Pro’s pricing.

Third-gen Mac Pro more expensive than a car

According to CBS News, the amount of money an Apple regular would have to pay in order to purchase the gen-3 Mac Pro can rival the price of a car. Interested buyers might not be affected by the retail rate of $5,999. But then they realize that is Apple’s price for the new CPU alone. The compatible monitor will add another $5 grand but the screen cannot stand on its own. For that, a buyer must shell out $999 for the monitor stand. One could get an iPhone X for the stand’s price. If one wants a fully-optimized Mac Pro then the $45,000 total bill is already beyond the average US car price of $37,000.

Apple has often advertised that their very expensive desktop Macs and Mac Pros have been designed with only the most particular customers in min; those that do have a lot of cash to burn.

That includes dedicated computer-using pros like graphic designers and top-line businesses that would need the bleeding edge processing power that this third-gen Mac Pro can offer. Another market that Apple’s new powerhouse can cater to are the so-called one-percent consumers with an average $718,000 annual income, whose only reason to buy the new desktop is to have the latest Apple computer.

A Mac ‘cheese-grater’

Grousing about the price range aside, the new Apple Mac Pro generation-3 desktop computer is also making a splash on social media for its looks. The CPU tower, with the easy-access panel cover to allow easy addition of internal components, is a hot topic for its perforated design according to USA Today.

Commenters think the hole-filled design looks like a cheese-grater. To that end, plenty of smart-alecks on Twitter have posted images evoking what they (humorously) think of the new gen-3 Apple Mac Pro desktop.

The new Mac Pro, with its 3.5 GHz8-Core Intel Xeon W-3223 with 24.5 MB cache, 32GB memory, 256GB flash storage, AMD Radeon Pro graphics, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 5, Thunderbolt 3 USB-C and many more features, will be fully released by Apple later this year in the fall.