Samsung galaxy fold's a phone model expected to revolutionize the phone design market in 2019 and even before it is released into the market, questions are already being raised on the durability it. For starters, preorders for the Samsung phone estimated to make its enthusiasts dig their pockets to a tune of $1980 are expected to go live on 26th April 2018 before its release on 3rd May.

However, the phone reviews have dropped over the past 24 hours over reports that the folding screen is breaking. The claims emerged after a couple of technology journalists were provided with their phones for review but reported that the screens had been broken.

Video of Samsung Galaxy fold emerges with flickering screen

The journalists were led by CNBC’s Steve Kovach who posted a video of his Samsung Galaxy fold with one part of its screen flickering. His tweet was followed by another complaint by Bloomberg’s Apple and devices journalist Mark Gurman who posted a photo of his broken unit claiming the phone was unusable just after a day.

However, from Gurman’s photo, it looks that he did not remove the display’s protective layer with some experts arguing that that might have caused the issue. Yet another complaint came in when YouTuber Marques Brownlee claimed that the screen had fizzled out when removing the top protective layer.

The Samsung galaxy fold which is meant to show the company’s technological powers was developed for 8 years according to company executives.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold phone which folds inwards like a notebook features a RAM of 12GB and storage of 512 GB with a battery rated at 4,380mAH.The phone boasts of a total of 6 cameras.

Durability of a folding phone questioned

However even before the folding phone was released onto the market, questions had already been raised about the durability of foldable phones with the company estimating that it would release 1 million phones into the market.

In response to the claims, the Korean giant, which is keen on taking Apple, released a statement saying that it had begun investigations into the claims. However, the corporation warned its reviewers not to remove the top layer of the display screen as it could cause damage to the screen like in some cases of the Android operated phone.

The firm could now be forced to postpone the release. However, this is not the first time the company has had issues with its phones. In 2016 the company recalled the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after some consumers reported issues with batteries bursting into flames.

This comes at a time when its competitor, Japanese tech giant Huawei is expected to release a phone with a similar design, the Huawei Mate X which is expected to be released in mid-2019. The phone, when it arrives, will be one of the first 5G enabled phones in the market.