TikTok, the video-sharing app, was previously reported by Business Insider as a popular app for Android and iOS. A Mediakix news report published on December 13 confirmed the social media platform became the most downloaded app since the fourth quarter of 2018.

TikTok, operated by Chinese company ByteDance, acquired what used to be known as Musical.ly. The acquisition of Musical.ly happened in November 2017 and merged the two apps together.

In the next sections, we will discuss the phenomenon by the skyrocketing popularity of the app. Also, some of the stats generated by the engagement of the platform.

Finally, we will examine the top viral videos, artists, memes, and celebrities.

Stats and metrics from TikTok

The popularity of TikTok has been something incredible considering how many social platforms are out there. You would think Facebook and YouTube take the top rank. Nevertheless, it has surpassed both of these influential social channels since late 2018.

As reported above, TikTok had approximately 40 million downloads in the fourth quarter of 2018. It was closely followed by YouTube, owned by Google, with a bit more than 30 million and Instagram with 25 million.

"I was genuinely surprised by the growing popularity of TikTok. Especially since YouTube and Facebook usually the list of top platforms," said YouTuber TheAceKiller32.

"I believe given it a shot and see if I can grow an audience from it."

The amount of engagement is incredible. It has now over 1.5 billion users. The most active users are in the United States (U.S) and are between the ages of 16 to 24-year-olds.

Here is one statistic few expected to see. Americans have invested $23.1 million on TikTok's virtual currency since 2018.

The social channel has been embraced by the U.S and there's no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.

Uncharacteristically Android use of the app surpasses in use and popularity over iOS users.

Top viral videos, artists, memes, and celebrities

Virality is something commonplace on this young platform. One of the videos to graduate from viral status was by Daviddobrik, who posted the "World record experiment." This video was about a spontaneous science experiment where he attempted with another collaborator to create elephant toothpaste.

Lil Nas X hit song, "Old Town Road," made quite the impression on this app. The song was shared in more than 8 million TikToks. That's insane! Other well-known artists testing the platform are Mariah Carey, Stunna Girl Lizzo and more.

When it comes to memes, this app is at the center of popular culture. Any video posted can quickly become a cultural moment and make you famous almost instantly. Any popular memes? We have #POV, #VSCOgirls, #RiseandShine, and more.

Some of the most popular celebrities include Will Smith, Miley Cyrus, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Howie Mandel, Terry Crews, and the like.