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Tracking Tesla

Tracking Tesla

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk sparked widespread market speculation over the future of one of his main companies, Tesla, by suggesting on Twi...

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Elon Musk is an extremely intelligent person, he has created several companies and he's building the future of mankind. He's not just the typical businessman, his level of creativity goes beyond the limits because he's innovating in many key areas. He's founded Tesla, a manufacturer of electric vehicles, and he could bury the oil-fueled vehicles in the long term. His innovation will improve the living condition of millions and alter the balance of power in our planet, many nations will feel the impact of his technological creation. This will be the greatest technological revolution in the car industry since the times of Henry Ford.

Another great company founded by Elon Musk is SpaceX, he plans to conquer Mars and even build a human colony there. In the future, this colony could become a city of one million inhabitants. Musk will be competing with governments in the conquest of the space. He also wants to change the weather of Mars and make that planet more ideal for humans. A private enterprise will compete with nations like Russia or China in the conquest of Mars!

As you can see, he's different of other billionaires because his goals are much more ambitious, his projects are great. Musk also has another goal in mind: SolarCity, which is a subsidiary of Tesla. This company is involved in the business of solar panels.

Musk has also been behind the creation of PayPal, this is one of the best financial websites because a huge amount of transactions are possible. Millions are using the services of this company, it's working with most nations on the planet. This company made him amass a big amount of money that he used for his other projects.

Musk was born in South Africa, he was an intelligent child that used to read for long hours. At an early age, he showed how big was his intellect. Musk lived in the years of Apartheid, so, he decided to leave his home country to avoid the military service. He moved to Canada, and enrolled in the university, later he came to America where he released his great entrepreneurial spirit. Musk isn't just a billionaire or a scientist, he's also the example that immigrants can work hard for the prosperity of the United States. Elon is in his 40s, but he has been able to create jobs for thousands of Americans and he's changing the way we live. He can manage advanced technological companies simultaneously, which shows that this businessman is exceptional!

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