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Samsung admits battery design flaws and workmanship cause of explosions on Samsung Note 7

Samsung announces findings amidst months of dealing with Note 7 explosions, recalls and negative media coverage
Following months of speculation, Samsung's DJ Koh, President of Mobile Communications Business, announced today at a press conference in Seoul, the results of their internal investigation around the cause for the Note 7 explosions and other technical issues. He began his remarks by apologizing and expressing his gratitude to Note 7 customers, business partners and operators for their patience and continued support. Koh promised that Samsung is taking active steps to prevent similar issues in the future. Faulty battery design and workmanship by manufacturers are root cause of Note 7 issues The announcement reflected on pressures from high consumer demand for a larger cell phone which pushed Samsung to rush and produce larger batteries. Samsung manufactured its own battery for the first Note 7, referred as Battery A in the report, which was revealed that its design flaws unintentionally allowed the positive and negative electrodes to touch resulting in fires. When customers complained...
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