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Apple responds to threats made by hacker group - ‘Turkish Crime Family’

The group asked for 75 thousand dollars after they claim to have access to over 500 million apple accounts
A new battle is being raged by an unknown hacker group and one of the largest technology conglomerates in the world. Over 500 million Apple accounts are supposedly at stake here, as the hackers demand Apple hand over 75,000 dollars in cryptocurrency or 100,000 dollars’ worth of iTunes gift cards. Apple responded to this threat yesterday and reassured their customers that their accounts and details are still safe. Hacking giants There have been countless examples of large corporations such as Sony and VISA getting hacked by unknown groups in the recent past. Clearly digital data is not safe, not even for organizations like the NSA and CIA. In this age of digital uncertainty, it is not implausible that a new group called “Turkish Crime Family” actually has access to a large share of Apple account holder details. Apple released a statement yesterday in response to the treat, claiming that their systems have not been breached by any group and that its impossible for millions of...
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