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Tesla financial results 2016: investors want information on Model 3

All analysts are focused on Tesla 2016 financial results and news of Model 3.
Tesla is planned to release financial results of last year and fourth-quarter 2016 on Wednesday, after market close. Investors and analysts, however, aren't alarmed about the numbers because they are more attracted about answers of Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, on his new electric car, Model 3. Trip Chowdry, manager of Global Equities Research LLC lately said that Tesla data of fourth-quarter are still irrelevant. Tesla: the growth of recent years and the doubts of analysts Last January, Tesla announced that it had produced about 25 thousands vehicles for the fourth-quarter 2016 with a total of 84 thousands cars in the last year, and an increment of about 64% from 2015. However, Tesla missed its ambition to produce 28 thousands vehicles in the last quarter. This increase is impressive considering numbers of 2015, but is still nothing compared with next year's forecasts when Tesla expects to produce about a half million cars. But there are many doubts afflicting minds of analysts and investors....
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