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iOS jailbreak: Apple is ending and destroying all jailbreaking access

The era of jailbreaking is coming to an end. With the latest security of the updated iOS, jailbreaking it is seem impossible.
Several years ago, many iPhone users may have jailbroken their device as the features offered with many cool things that Apple cannot come up with. In the present days, those adorable features that users love so much are slowly getting away with Apple maturing their iOS. The history of jailbreaking The original purpose of iOS jailbreaking was simply to use an iPhone device on a different network rather AT &T. It was invented by a teen ager named George or know better as Geohot. George managed to scramble the code the iPhone device’s baseband processor and open up his device to any carrier network. After that experiment, the iPhone jailbreak grew rapidly, and even some of the latest iOS features were developed from jailbreak features. The most dramatic part is that the first game on an iPhone before App Store even launched, was a jailbroken app. Furthermore, Jailbreak users were able to change their popular ringtones many years before Apple allowed users to install custom...