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'For Honor' from Ubifsoft is a smash hit

'For Honor' is an epic multiplayer fighter unlike anything ever seen before in this review!
"For Honor" is the kind of delightfully, brutal game that a lot people, myself included, never thought would get made. The game is third person with a complex and intricate fighting system that makes games like "Batman Arkham Asylum" look slow. Team-based action is mixed in well with the game, but the real shining jewel is the combat system. 'For Honor' excels with locking on to a target "For Honor" combat requires you to lock on to a target, which helps you focus on one particular enemy, and from there you can block incoming attacks from three different directions. Moreover, you can attack from one of three different angles as well, which provides for a lot of dynamic fights. In some situations I even found myself surrounded by three enemies and I only survived because of crucial blocking. 'For Honor' loves the environment kills "For Honor" also allows the player to employ environment kills as well, while classes like the Raider from the Vikings can literally pick an opponent up and...
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