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How to beat Instagram's new algorithm for January 2018

Stay on top of the new changes to Instagram by learning about the newest features and tricks to get around them.
Raise your hand if you are being personally victimized by Instagram's new algorithm! The newest updates to social media's favorite photo-sharing app have left users dazed and confused. Some of the tricks used to maximize organic reach are no longer working. There is a whole new set of rules that attempt to push users into paying more for advertising on the platform in order to reach their followers. What you need to know Posts will no longer be getting the amount of exposure they once were. Now, less than 10% of your audience will be able to see your posts. The likelihood of your image getting buried underneath thousands of other posts has increased significantly. If you are part of a pod, a group of Instagram users who have agreed to like and comment on each others' posts to increase engagement, your post will probably be shadowbanned. Shadow banning typically occurs when a photo is recognized as spam, but with the new algorithm, Instagram users who are participating in pod activity...