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Instagram, Snapchat disable Giphy integration after racist GIF outrage

The two multimedia digital companies have placed the blame mainly on Giphy
Both Instagram and Snapchat have taken steps to purge racist content from their platforms by temporarily removing their Giphy integration. This was after users criticized the tech giants for allowing a racist GIF to be available in their libraries. The controversial GIF includes a racial slur. The slur forms the first word in a GIF text that reads “N---- Crime Death Counter – Keep Cranking Bonzo, the Number Just Keep on Climbing!” The GIF caused controversy online after a few users started posting about it. “[T]o be looped in a GIF, to be put on display as ‘animated’ at the behest of audiences,” as Monica Torres describes for Real Life, is an act with racial history and meaning. These GIFs often enact fantasies of black women as “sassy” and extravagant, allowing nonblack users to harness and inhabit these images as an extension of themselves GIPHY apologizes According to a statement by Giphy, the sticker became part of the available options for Snapchat and Instagram...