This cool channel is about celebrities tv, reality shows, and reality stars. Just subscribe and keep up to date with all the latest news!

Reality TV

This cool channel is about celebrities tv, reality shows, and reality stars. Just subscribe and keep up to date with all the latest news!

Celebrities are part of our lives. They may seem frivolous, but it is only an appearance. This channel will show the true personality of the stars and the true motives of their behavior. Sometimes, the celebrities carry out scandals to obtain media attention, and, in fact, that scandals are not as serious as they seem. This channel will help the readers to differentiate the media exposure from the real life, since they are two very different things.

Nowadays, the fame is a highly valued value, at the level of money and power. Curiously, science has studied very little the fame because it considers too vanal. In the last five years, a group of psychologists was encouraged to study fame, and their conclusions were more than interesting. Basically those who seek fame, seek social acceptance, because it gives them confidence in themselves. This channel will help the readers to understand the celebrities, since they are too complex.

Celebrities do not have a life as easy as it seems. They are "forced" to respond to the ideals of others and not to their own ideals, which is very stressful. So that readers will understand why so many stars fall into alcohol and drugs. This channel will follow celebrities and keep readers abreast of their professional projects and their private life. We are going to pay close attention to their look, because we know that their followers copy what their wear. This channel will be aware of the training and the diets that follow the stars, because we know that they will become a trend quickly.

The urgency to achieve social recognition is present all over the globe, that's why the celebrities are desperate to talk about them. The readers of this channel will have a lot of fun to see what the celebrities are capable of doing to draw attention, because they are really capable of anything. This is logical, because the more visibility a celebrity has, the more job offers she/he will have. We will also accompany the celebrities in their work projects and their evolution as artists. We will know the personal motivations of their work and what they hope to accomplish with it. Once celebrities get fame, something funny happens: they want privacy. In that case you can notice the complexity of their minds, since they want to excel in what they do, but then they can not handle the exposure that entails. After having fought all the life to be famous, many celebrities end up hating the fame.

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