"90 Day Fiancé" Deavan Clegg underwent a lip filler procedure. According to TV Insider, the reality star said that she needed a "confidence boost." The mom of two said that she was all about empowering women to do what they wanted. She also said that she had a botched lip procedure before and decided to do more research. As reported by TV Insider, Deavan said that after she had done her research she found Melanie Speed and contacted her to do the job.

The reality star also posted a photo of her suspected new bf, Topher, and her kissing. She captioned the photo, "And that is a wrap!

Today was so much fun..." She also said she was glad she got to experience her day with Topher. She tagged him and asked her followers to follow him.

Comments on Deavan Clegg post

Some of her fans were bothered about Deavan posting another man on her Instagram feed while being married to Jihoon on the show.

One fan said, "Should you still be tagging 90 days if that isn't Jihoon?"

Another fan said that she should move on with her life but not rub it in Jihoon's face.

Deavan Clegg's wedding with Jihoon

Even though Deavan was wearing what looked like an engagement ring in photos she shared with Topher, she is still very much married to Jihoon on the "90 Day Fiancé" show. According to Tv Insider, Deavan had a second wedding on Sunday's episode of the TLC franchise.

The reality star complained about virtually everything. She said that she was happy that Jihoon's parents put the wedding together but she didn't like that they only had the venue for 45minutes till the next bride came in.

Deavan was furious during the wedding. She was confused about how the Korean wedding was going to go as she wasn't used to Korean culture.

She described the day as "disappointing." Jihoon stopped Deavan from complaining long enough until she walked down the aisle. They danced and left the venue.

According to Tv Insider, In March, the reality star shared home videos and revealed that her husband was playing video games a lot and not spending time with her kids and her, during the quarantine.

Deavan and Jihoon faced marital problems

The "90 Day Fiancé" reality star said that her marriage was on the line as her husband and she had been arguing a lot. She still believed there was hope and the solution was to stay in America for a month. She promised Jihoon that she would be back but he had to promise that they would stop fighting. The "90 Day Fiancé" alum left with the kids for America after Jihoon dropped them at the airport.

What do you think is going on between Deavan and Topher? Do you like the new photos uploaded by Deavan? Do you think Deavan and Jihoon are still together? Do you think Deavan complains a lot?