David and Annie, Molly and Cynthia, Loren and Alexei, and Tim and Veronica are all sitting in their respective living rooms and watching the “90 Day Fiance” spin-off, “The Family Chantel: Pillow Talk.” It’s a very busy show and everyone seems to be having a great time. I’m sure it’s more preferable to them as the spotlight is pointed in the other direction for a time and they all have something to say, but let’s see what exciting developments might ensue in this second season of the show.

Welcome home, Royal!

As was alluded to in the sneak preview, Chantel’s brother Royal is moving back to Atlanta, so Chantel says they have to go get a gift for him.

She goes on to say, “Royal has been away for the last couple of years going to school and working in Texas.”

Loren mentions that she feels that Royal is probably the calmer of the two siblings. And then Chantel mentions that Royal would probably appreciate any instrument as a gift, saying, “He’s stupid at playing instruments.” Veronica and Tim make exclamations about the fact that “instruments” are not cheap with Tim sarcastically exclaiming “You’re gonna buy him a grand piano?”

Chantel says that the whole family is going to be there, including Royal’s wife, Angenette, who is from the Philippines. The reader can easily surmise that she is talking about a welcoming party of some sort. Because Royal and Angenette used the same K-1 Visa program that Pedro and Chantel used - there is a lot of speculation, from the "90 Day Fiance" veterans, that there will be yet another “90 Day Fiancé.”

Royal received a guitar as a welcome home gift.

Nicole has a new ‘love’ in Alejandro, but there’s a secret

Nicole Jimeno, Pedro’s sister, can be seen on the beach in the Dominican Republic talking to Coraima about her new “love,” Alejandro Padron. She said she’s not worried about Pedro and his problems because she is “in love.” We see images of Alejandro and all of the “90 Day Fiance” observers instantly started to make commentary on his pronounced eyebrows.

Hilariously, we can hear Nicole call Alejandro his “Chichi,” which is a Spanish reference, as Molly and Cynthia point out.

We discover that Alejandro is Dominican but lives in New York. There is a big secret that Nicole is keeping and it’s big enough to turn friends and family from Alejandro. Alejandro Padron is married! All of our “90 Day” observers seem certain that he also has kids.

There is far more drama and antics with the Pillow Talk participants and fans seem more interested in that than what is going on. If you missed the episode, you can watch it below courtesy of the official YouTube channel, Hảo Híp. You can see the next episode, "A New Family Feud" on TLC on Monday, October 19.