"90 Day Fiancé" Jess Caroline has joined Larissa in opening an OnlyFans. Larissa and Jess are the two exes of Colt Johnson on "90 Day Fiancé." The two of them dated Colt on the show at different times, but their relationship with him fumbled, and somehow, the two women have become close friends. Jess and Colt broke up after he confessed that he had been sending explicit pictures to many women, and one of his friends called Vanessa was living with him. Jess did not believe that Vanessa and Colt were just friends. She got mad at him and told him she was tired of the relationship.

Meanwhile, Larissa and Colt got into many abusive fights, and there were rumors that the Brazilian native was going to be deported back to Brazil. After her breakup with Colt, she started dating a man called Eric. Larissa also looked almost unrecognizable from the first time viewers saw her on the show. The reality star has undergone multiple surgical procedures to give her an unrealistic curve. She's also added a lot of lip fillers on her lip to give her a plump lip. Larissa now posts bikini photos revealing her new body. She has also created an OnlyFans account for adult content that Instagram doesn't permit.

Larissa bikini photo

The reality star posted a sun-kissed photo and captioned, "Golden hour is the best time for pictures, isn't it?" There were negative comments like one fan asking her to put on some clothes.

Jess liked Larissa's post, and later Larissa posted a photo of Jess on her Instagram story saying, "Guess who's on OnlyFans." She tagged Jess on the post too.

Jess lingerie photo

Jess posted a photo in lingerie that caused her followers to gas her up. Larissa commented on the post, saying, "Biggie." Another fan said, "Yessss that's how you walk into 2021." Jess also posted her lingerie photo on her Instagram story and indicated that her OnlyFans account was giving discounts.

Jess later posted a picture on her page with a write-up that said, "Sis Understand This: the insults, judgments, and shade people attempt to throw are projections of their own insecurities and are absolutely irrelevant to you and your life."

A fellow "90 Day Fiancé" cast, Courtney Reardanz commented that the quote was true because she had never seen Beyonce or any other beautiful woman tear someone down.

She said that she had never clicked on a troll's page and thought they were happy with their lives. She continued saying that she always thought they were embarrassing and sad for their children. She ended by saying that they caused people depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.