On part three of Season 5’s Tell All for “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” that aired on the evening of Monday, October 5, Jess revealed a bombshell to her fans by introducing her new husband, Brian. Yes! You read that right! She went and got married on the quick.

A new husband and some more green card jabs

Not that it should matter at this point but Colt and his mother seemed astonished. However, they didn’t hesitate to begin making insinuations that she married for the green card. He said: "Congratulations Jess, you did it. ... I'm pretty happy, too.

I'm happy for the newlyweds and their new green card. Confirm your green card when you get it, Jess."

According to ET, Jess said that Brain is the guy that supports her and makes her happy, saying: “He's not a guy that need to talk with a lot of women to feel better. He just needs me.”

Colt mockingly congratulated Jess adding that he too was happy. Ultimately though, Jess and Brain do admit that their rushed marriage was, in part, to keep her in America as she had recently lost her job in Chicago as an au pair.

Colt says that he is happy since things didn’t work out with Jess saying he felt relieved that he “dodged” her: "No advice, but I will say one thing -- I must be the luckiest man alive because I dodged both these women, and I'm free."

Tell All Recap via TV Insider

Angela and Michael: Angela yells at Michael for suggesting having a baby “the other way,” Lydia rebukes her for it, and we later discover that by “the other way” Michael meant In Vitro Fertilization(IVF).

Pressed by the host, Shaun, Michael mentions that, even though his father had three wives back in his home country of Nigeria, all he wanted was one. He went on to say that he knew how difficult it could be to have multiple wives, that it would be having witnessed it first hand.

Angela makes it clear in this episode that she has no intention of being a submissive wife and that, if that’s what Michael expected, he should sign divorce papers and move on.

Tania and Syngin: Tania still wants kids but Syngin doesn’t see it. Tania is aghast and tells Syngin she won’t wait forever for it.

Larissa and Eric: Larissa says she wants a baby. Eric does a mock marriage proposal on one knee and plans are made for the two to travel to Larissa’s home in Brazil to meet family and her children.

Eric’s ex, Nathalie, is brought into the mix and she tells Larissa that Eric had bad-mouthed Larissa earlier and that she was heartbroken that Larissa was still with him.

Nathalie calls Larissa a “dumb*ss” telling her that she has proven “to the world” that she doesn’t care about herself as a woman.

Even though Larissa had previously thanked Nathalie for her honesty according to TV Insider, she took this opportunity to tell her that she could do nothing - that she was “a nobody.”

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