"90 Day Fiancé" Rebecca met Zied's sister, Wiem and things did not go as planned. Wiem asked her various questions and Rebecca couldn't bring up a reasonable answer to any of them. The official "90 Day Fiancé" Instagram page posted four minutes, two seconds video of how the meet up with Zied's sister went. In the video, Rebecca starts by saying that she had told Zied not to leave her with his sister because she wasn't comfortable around her. The reality star was with Wiem, watching her while she cooked while Zied was at the dining table, setting things up.

While Rebecca and Zied's sister were together, Zied's sister asked Rebecca if she loved her brother and she said she loved him very much. Zied's sister then asked what she loved the most about Zied and she replied, "I don't know."

Rebecca is asked about her exes

Wiem told Rebecca that she didn't like that Zied had to leave his family behind and sacrifice for her. Rebecca apologized, saying she couldn't leave her children. The reality star told the camera that she looked at the whole situation as allowing Zied to come to America, but after talking to his sister, she realized that he was sacrificing to be with her.

While they were eating, Wiem asked Zied what the plan was when he got to America.

Zied told his sister that he was going to get a job and get married. The reality star's sister asked Rebecca how many men she had been married to in the past and she said that they were 3 men and Zied was going to be the fourth man.

"I'm not 100% convinced. I'm very worried, yes. I don't wish her for my brother, " Wiem told cameras.

Zied asked Rebecca how much time she spent with the "ex before her ex" and his sister laughed at the statement. Rebecca told cameras that it was very awkward and to make matters worse, she was keeping a huge secret from Zied. She said that Zied wasn't aware of the fact that she was still legally married to her ex.

Fans react to the video of Zied and Rebecca

Viewers watched the video and had a lot to say. One follower said, "It's how the asks the question with a smile on her face for me. Another fan said, "All she says is 'I don't know." Another follower said that Rebecca should be able to answer the questions if she loved Zied.

Rebecca posted a photo and captioned, "All your favorite shows are coming to #discoveryplus." One fan asked if the "90 Day Fiancé" show would still be on the TLC app and she replied saying yes.

What do you think of Zied and Rebecca? What do you think of Wiem? Do you think Zied and Rebecca's relationship would work? What do you think of the questions Wiem asked Rebecca? Do you think Rebecca loves Zied? What do you think Zied would do if he found out Rebecca's secret?