In Sunday's episode, Sumit is seen trying to make his mother understand his love for his American girlfriend, Jenny. He finally starts translating what his mother is saying for Jenny. When Sumit's mother yelled, "Shame!" Jenny slammed her, saying, "There's no shame. He's not my son. He's your son." Sumit's mom angrily replied, saying that Jenny should consider Sumit, her son. Jenny asked Sumit's mom why she was nice to her when she was a visitor in their home, and the mother said she was only a nice host.

Jenny recalled when her daughter got married to her wife.

She said that she didn't want her to get married to her, but she wanted everyone to be happy. The "90 Day Fiancé" reality star asked why her lover's mother could not do the same. Immediately, Sumit's mother said she was going to commit suicide if Sumit married Jenny. Hearing this, Sumit's heart broke, and he said he couldn't do it. Jenny was heartbroken, but Sumit calmed her by saying it would be a "50/50 compromise."

Submit gives Jenny a promise ring

According to Tv Insider, Sumit prepared a picnic for Jenny. Jenny's visa only had two weeks left, and she frustratingly told cameras that she did not expect everything that had happened. She said that she didn't think getting married to Sumit would turn out the way it did.

She also said that she didn't know how long she could stay in India before her visa expired.

Sumit told Jenny that he wanted to marry her. He said that he knew that she loved him because of how patient she had been with all the situation. He appreciated the fact that she never lost hope. He gave her a promise ring, and she happily held onto it and smiled.

The "90 Day Fiancé" couple held each other as they ran away from the rain at the picnic. Their story didn't go as they expected it to, but it still ended as a beautiful one.

Where the problem with Jenny and Sumit parents started

Sumit catfished Jenny, claiming to be a UK resident but even when she found out, she had already fallen for him.

She flew to India to meet him. After a few years in America, his family welcomed her, and she decided she wanted to give up everything, including her career, to start a new life with Sumit in Delhi. She later found out that Sumit was already in a two and a half year relationship with a woman his family arranged for him. The 32-year-old promised to divorce his wife, and that gave Jenny hope. Meanwhile, Sumit's parents thought that the 61-year-old reality star was too old, and they felt betrayed, having accepted her as a visitor, but she went behind their backs to be in a romantic relationship with their son. That was why when Jenny confusingly asked why they were nice to her before, Sumit's mother countered her, saying that she was only a nice visitor.