"90 Day Fiancé" Kenneth and Armando's marriage license has been approved, and the reality couple cannot wait to begin their fairytale love! According to Tv Insider, Armando and Kenneth received the news about their marriage license, but because of COVID-19, the government delayed their approval. Armando said that he called the registry until they told him not to call them again. After a few weeks of waiting, their marriage license was approved, and it was the beginning of the couple's celebration. Kenneth cried tears of joy, saying that he was so happy to know that they could now get married.

He noted that it was a victory for his relationship with Armando to be able to say, "love is love." The reality star said that he was proud of his partner and himself for not giving up.

The couple broke the good news to their daughter, Hannah, to which she happily hugged them. She said she was very happy that they were going to be together forever. Kenneth said that he loved Hannah very much, and he was pleased that she was glad to have two fathers.

Armando and Kenneth on a beach date

Kenneth and Armando went on a beach date to celebrate the good news. Armando opens up to Kenneth, saying that Kenneth gave him a new chance at life, to be happy and to be free. Armando still has to tell his parents that he's getting married to Kenneth, but the couple has hope that Armando's parents would approve.

Indeed, the couple is in love as they go horseback riding along the ocean at sunset.

Kenneth thanks his supporters

The "90 Day Fiancé" alum, Kenneth has taken to his Instagram to share an appreciation post to his fans and supporters. He wrote down, "Love wins... I want to extend my heart to all of you that supported us this year.

Your support made this Tv show journey worth it." He even acknowledged those who didn't support his relationship, saying that they only made Armando and him stronger. He reminded his fans that everything is worth fighting for and waiting for when you know it's right for you. He also said that his soon to be husband and he promised themselves to fight every obstacle that came their way, and they were going to continue doing that even in the future.

He ended by saying, "Here's to love and hope for everyone. If you believe it, you can achieve it."

Fans comments on Kenneth post

A lot of fans were happy for the duo. There were a lot of emotional comments congratulating the couple. Kenneth and Armando are the first successful same-gender couple to air on the "90 Day Fiancé" show. A fan said she couldn't stop her tears when Armando and Kenneth's beach scene came on. She said that she thought Armando, Kenneth and Hannah were a beautiful family, and she wished them the best.

Another fan said that it was very easy to love the "90 Day Fiancé" couple. She said she bounced her six-month-old son on her knee while watching the couple, hoping to be half the parent they were.