"OutDaughtered" fans adore everything about the quints and their big sister Blayke. Now they grow up a bit more; they enjoy seeing the quints explore their widening world. The quints started kindergarten this year, and Blayke returned to in-person school this week. But sometimes, things get a bit chaotic with all those kids. So, how come we seldom see them squabbling over who sits where in the family bus?

'OutDaughtered' family makes a plan with seating

Taking to his Instagram Stories on Tuesday, September 15, Adam shared a few kids' short clips.

They all got dressed up in blue and white outfits for school. Then, he told them it's time they all got on the bus. Notably, nobody rushed like a lunatic to grab the best seat. And Adam reminded them that this time, Lulu's (Olivia) chance to sit in the "first-class seat." Then, he said that he thinks they never told their fans before about how it works.

The "OutDaughtered" family came up with a way to make sure each child gets a day in the seat immediately behind mom and dad. He said that Ava sits there on Monday, Olivia, on Tuesday, and Hazel gets the seat on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Riley sits there on Thursday, and Parker takes the seat on Fridays. The family values the first-class seat because of the perks.

Adam explains the perks to the first-class seat

As Adam noted, sitting right up close to mom and dad means being first in line for any "snacks" on the go.

He also noted that it gives the lucky quint "first dibs at drinks." In other words, they get "preferential treatment." Actually, these days, Adam and Danielle quite often split up the kids. On Instagram, sometimes Danielle takes three kids somewhere, and Adam takes the other three. Adam always shares about their adventures on his Instagram.

In fact, long gone are the days when he suffered overwhelming feelings of post-partum depression.

These days, he posts all about their vacations and personal achievements. Clearly, dad Adam's besotted with the "OutDaughtered" kids. He also shares about many of their times together as a family over on his "It's A Buzzworld" YouTube Channel. Last week, Adam shared a video of the quints at their Pre-K graduation. Of course, Riley started ahead of the kids at school and missed Pre-K. But the sister all attended their graduating day ceremony. As you can see in the video below, the family made it quite an occasion.

'OutDaughtered' kids all chose the same clothes for their first day at Pre-K

Earlier, when the kids went back to 'real' school, Danielle shared that the organized Busby family all chose their clothes the day before.

Neatly lined up, each kid, although they had other choices, chose the exact same outfits. Danielle captioned her post about it with, "The quints are rocking their favorite long twirl dress from @graesonbee! I had something totally different picked out for each of them, but they all insisted on wearing this Grace & Vine Floral dress." The home looks orderly, and everyone gets ready the day before. Just like who gets to ride in the "first-class seat," it seems that routines are the trick to managing so many active little girls.

What did you think of the "OutDaughered" family allocating each quint a day in the first-class seat? Remember to check back with Blasting News Reality-TV channel often for more news about the Busby quints.