"90 Day Fiancé's" Angela Deem discussed weight loss surgery on part 3, season 5 of the "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?" Tell-All, and it seems Michael is having none of it. Angela is 54, and probably wants to live a lot longer, but Michael, who is only 32, may not fully appreciate her motivations for such a drastic move.

Getting to the bottom of it

Michael is not happy about this decision and had a hasty reaction to Angela's news but it also appears that Angela will not be swayed by Michael's rejection of it. The subject was broached, according to ET, when Angela was asked what her plans for the future were.

According to US Weekly, she said that she really didn't want to bring the weight loss subject up in front of her husband. Of course, as she had expected, Michael immediately rejected the idea saying, "No, no, no!" In June, she discussed getting plastic surgery and mentioned Michael's hesitation back then.

The disagreement

Angela seems well-informed about the process, saying that she would lose at least a hundred pounds following the third month. She added that she plans to have it all done, including the removal of excess skin.

This type of discussion clearly upset Michael. But perhaps his hesitation was that he loves her and worries for her safety. She admitted that she had brought it up to Michael earlier, and he just didn't like it, saying that Angela knows he doesn't like anything to do with surgery, adding that he doesn't like all the "artificial stuff."

Angela told her husband that she doesn't like her figure, saying that she didn't like "being out of breath going upstairs." She added that she "has been beautiful her entire life but that she just had a weight problem."

Her husband said he never complained about his wife's figure, but Angela was not backing down.

She told Michael: "But you gotta feel sexy to be sexy, right? And, you know, I never like to feel fat or anything."

Michael told her she was "lucky they were miles apart", but she countered that it didn't matter - he wasn't going to stop her. It's anyone's guess what is really going on in his head. Say tuned to Blasting News for updates on all the "90 Day Fiancé" shows as soon as they become available.