"90 Day Fiancé" Kenneth Niedermeler has taken to his Instagram to address accusations against him concerning his relationship.

Kenneth is in a relationship with Armando. The duo is the second same-gender couple to air on "90 Day Fiancé." The couple has been struggling to get their marriage license. As seen in previous episodes, the reality couple thought that same-gender couples were allowed in Mexico after hearing about some that lived there. Unfortunately, when they got to the civil registrar, they were given a negative response.

Kenneth defends his relationship

The "90 Day Fiancé" star took to his Instagram story to put down a message for haters. He started by saying that he's seen negative comments from people, asking them why they didn't do their research and accusing them of "acting." Kenneth denied the accusations, saying, "We are not actors and nothing was scripted."

Kenneth explains all the research Armando and him did

Kenneth elaborated saying that if those people watched clearly without judgment, they would have noticed that they did research and knew the Supreme Court of Mexico ruled same-gender couples legal. He said that they even checked to see if it was legal in the state they lived in and they found out that 34 same-gender marriages had happened.

The "90 Day Fiancé" star also said that they called the marriage office and informed them that they were going to be in Mexico as a same-gender couple. The marriage office told them what documentation they needed and, because they were a same-gender couple, they were asked to write a letter. The letter was supposed to contain the reason Armando and Kenneth wanted to get married.

"They gave us no indication that we were going to be denied, so it was a shock when we were," Kenneth said.

Kenneth talks of the promo scene

Kenneth also talked about the promo scene aired on TLC. "The promo scene you see coming up is us picking up our official letter of denial and the wording in it was horrible, you only get part of it so far in the clip coming up." He said that he wished people would watch the full scene rather than jump to the conclusion.

He thanked his fans for their support and ended by saying that their love and support has outweighed the negativity.

Kenneth faces critic on his Instagram page

The reality star posted a photo of his lover, Armando, and their daughter on his Instagram page. He captioned the photo, "Not everything is black and white." However, he faced critics in the comments as one of his followers said that she was curious to know why a 51-year-old woman that dated a 31-year-old man was not socially accepted but a 51-year-old such as Kenneth could date a 31-year-old. She said that she loved the couple but didn't appreciate the "double standards."

Kenneth replied to her comment, saying that he also received negative comments and he believed that people should let "consenting adults" make their own decisions.

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