"90 Day Fiancé" Deavan Clegg has made her fans very confused as viewers see on the TLC franchise, and what she posts on social media is the exact opposite. The reality star is seen on her Instagram page, regularly posting a man called Topher. But on the "90 Day Fiancé" show, she's preparing to get married to Jihoon.

According to Tv Insider, the mother of two kept complaining about almost anything on Sunday's episode. "I really need this house cleaned. It was clean yesterday, and every time I wake up, it's like magically dirty," she complains. She also said that she didn't want her mother to see the house like that because she would think they were "pigs."

When Deavan's mother, Elicia, arrived, she commended their apartment for the quality and size.

Jihoon explained to Deavan's mother that he needed to do a traditional hahm box exchange for Deavan's hand in marriage. He went out to get dried squid masks and then came back with two friends. Deavan hid in the closet, and her Jihoon found her.

Deavan mother approves of their wedding

Deavan stressed how important it was for her mother to approve her marriage to Jihoon. She also said that she was nervous about the nuptials. She talked about her miscarriage and how Jihoon's parents supported her. Elicia noted that she supported Deavan and her kids' marriage, and she believed that Jihoon would be fine.

Deavan Clegg on Instagram

While it seems like "90 Day Fiancé" Deavan Clegg and Jihoon are preparing a life together on the show, she seems to be with another man.

According to her recent post on Instagram, she loves this new man with all her heart. The reality star posted photos of Topher and herself on Instagram and captioned the photo, "I love this man with all my heart. Super excited to start our journey together. "So is Deavan starting two separate journeys with two men?

Fans react to Deavan comments

Topher commented on the photo with a heart and rose emoji. Elicia replied to his comment with heart emoji, and a fan slammed her, saying that she and her daughter, Deavan were both toxic people. She continued, saying, "Here's to baby daddy number 3." Elicia replied to the comment, saying that the person was saying something negative but calling her toxic.

One fan asked if Deavan was pregnant, and she said no. Another fan accused Topher of using Deavan for fame. A fan replied to the comment, saying that she believed Topher even made her put his Instagram handle in her caption.

One of her followers asked why she used the "90 Day Fiancé" hashtag if she was no longer with Jihoon.