Gorgeous "90 Day Fiancé" reality star Brittany Banks has been posting a lot on her Instagram page lately. The TLC alum has been showing off her "40-inch wig." Brittany posted a beautiful photo of herself for her Instagram, where she wore a green bodycon gown and sat down. She captioned her photo, "40 inches by Keithan, don't tangle."

Brittany Banks wishes fans a happy Thanksgiving

In the video, she wore a wavy, long wig with a black and gold gown. She said, "Hello, this is Brittany from '90 Day Fiancé.' I wanna come to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of my supporters." She said she was grateful to her supporters for sharing her journey this year, 2020.

She also said that this year has not been easy for everyone, and she wanted everyone to be grateful for friends, family, and just being able to be together on Thanksgiving day. She wished her fans a Happy Thanksgiving and said she loved them. Kenneth, a fellow "90 Day Fiancé" cast, commented, "Happy Thanksgiving, boss!"

Brittany posts a short video

"90 Day Fiancé" Brittany posted a short video of her in a gown. She was walking away, and someone said, "What about us?" She turned back and nodded her head.

A fan commented, "So I guess she did not marry Yazan. Now that's not a surprise there !!!" Another fan said, "hmm, maybe she did." And the fan replied, saying she did not. A follower replied to the comment asking what was funny if Brittany didn't marry Yazan.

He said that when one door closed, another opened, so they shouldn't make a fool of themselves mocking her.

Yazan brother consoles Brittany

Brittany was crying in front of Yazan's brother, Obiada, and the translator. When Yazan's brother asked Brittany why she was crying, she said that she knew how much Yazan loved his family, and it hurt that he would have to lose them.

Yazan's brother said that even if the world was against his brother, he would stand by him. Obiada said that Yazan loved Brittany very much and believed that he would not make the wrong choice. He said that Yazan had already lost a lot of things that he valued.

Brittany said that it was hard to hear that Yazan had lost the things he valued.

She said, "I don't want him to be in danger or lose his family..." She said that it made her feel guilty. She asked Obiada if converting to Muslim would please his family, and he said that she had to do it for belief and not to please them.