"90 Day Fiancé" Season 8 has come to an end, and luckily some of the casts had a happily ever after ending while some of them didn't. Yazan and Brittany's scene ended in a suspenseful way after Brittany left for Florida, leaving Yazan in Jordan. Although they were planning to start the K-1 visa process for their safety, the duo was not on bad terms. Brittany feared that Yazan's father would execute his threat of murdering him, but Yazan's brother, Obiada was there to protect him.

Meanwhile, Sumit backed down from marrying Jenny after his mother threatened to commit suicide if they went on with their relationship.

He later planned a picnic for her where he gave her a promise ring. So maybe there's hope for the future?

Couples that were a success

Deavan and Jihoon's wedding was successful even though Deavan couldn't stop complaining about the wedding. She didn't like that the venue was given to them for 45 mins.

Biniyam proposed to Ariela after a long day of constant arguing. He even insinuated that an evil spirit was afraid of leaving her when she was worried about the crowd in the place. He proposed to her after an argument that led him to leave her in his brother's outdoor bar with their baby.

The most successful "90 Day Fiancé" couple was Kenneth and Armando. The duo brought many viewers to tears as they celebrated their marriage license being approved.

Armando and Kenneth were trying to get their marriage license approved for weeks in Mexico, and it was so emotional and awesome for them to finally marry. Kenneth and Armando weren't only the most successful duo in Season 8 and the only same-gender couple on "90 Day Fiancé" to end up happily.

90 day fiance season 9 premiere

"90 Day Fiancé" official Instagram channel has given viewers a sneak peek of what the next season will look like, and honestly, it seems very interesting.

They posted two videos, revealing two couples separately. The first video revealed a 52-year-old woman called Stephanie and a 27-year-old man called Ryan. It seems like Ryan will be using Stephanie for her money a lot on the season as she said she accidentally became a "sugar mama." She asked Ryan in the video how many watches he wanted, and he said two more.

She also revealed that she had a skeleton in her closet and wasn't sure he would want to be with her when she revealed the truth.

The next couple was a 25-year-old woman called Yara and a 29-year-old man called Jovi. Jovi described himself as the party type. He also said that he thought that Yara would "trap him" and he was "her ticket to America." The Brazilian native Yara said that she "feels like" she loved Jovi. Jovi also wasn't sure he was ready to become somebody's husband in just 90 days.