After Brittany Banks heard the threats thrown at her lover, Yazan, she seeks to confirm it from his mouth. In the Sunday episode this November 28th, Brittany meets with Yazan along with their translator, Adam. She asks Yazan if his father truly threatened to murder him if he marries her, and he confirms.

TVInsider reports that Yazan told Brittany that his extended family was spreading false rumors against Brittany that led to his father's anger. He also said there were two options. It was either they disowned him or killed him if he married the American reality star.

Hearing all this only made Brittany overwhelmed, but he promised to protect her. Brittany was scared of Yazan's family and the extent they were ready to go to put Yazan and her in pain.

Brittany tells Yazan to come to America

Yazan checked on Brittany to see how she was doing and how she was processing the information she had just heard. She told him that she believed it would be better for them to go to America and live there. Brittany admired Yazan's dedication to her, but she felt like living in Jordan wasn't working out, and the best step was to move to America. "If it's going to be dangerous, then it's time we leave," she said. She didn't want him to come to America to be with her before because she wasn't sure if his feelings were real, but after hearing everything he had done for her, she decided it is worth exploring.

Although Brittany was not ready to marry Yazan, she might want to do so soon.

Yazan brother gives support

"90 Day Fiancé" Yazan's brother, Obiada, has been supportive of his brother's relationship with Brittany. According to Tv Insider, Yazan and Brittany met with Obiada before Brittany returned to Florida. She announced their plan to start the K-1 visa process and asked Obiada to keep Yazan safe for her.

Yazan's brother asked him if he trusted Brittany, and he said he had his doubts. He also believed that Brittany was sincere.

The next day, Jordan announced COVID-19 lockdown, and Brittany immediately left for America before the border completely closed.

Fans suspected Yazan and Brittany broke up

A few days ago, "90 Day Fiancé" fans suspected the reality couple had broken up as Brittany posted a video of herself moving away from the camera, and someone asked, "What about us?" She did not reply to the person in the video, only looked back and nodded with a very straight face. A fan commented that he guessed Brittany did not marry Yazan, and it wasn't a shock to him.