"90 Day Fiancé" Brittany Banks has highlighted things viewers didn't know about her relationship with Yazan. The reality star has also talked about something she regretted doing in their relationship. The reality duo is one of the most toxic couples on the TLC franchise. Brittany and Yazan have had so many arguments on the show. One of their biggest arguments on the show was when Yazan blamed Brittany for crashing his car, even though she wasn't in the country with him at the car crash.

Yazan is from a conservative, Islamic, strict family in Jordan, and it's against his family rule to drink or wear certain clothes as a woman.

However, Brittany comes from a different place, and she's not used to such a culture. It has been hard for the 26-year-old to adjust to Islamic culture and her fiancé, and she has argued about cases concerning that. Yazan has also faced severe problems in his life since he met Brittany. Not only has he been thrown out of his family's home and fired by his father, but his father has also threatened his life because he disapproves of their relationship.

Brittany talks about relationship with Yazan

According to Et Online, Brittany Banks was interviewed by Et's Melicia Johnson, where she opened up about her relationship with Yazan. The 26-year-old said that she never forced him to make the decisions and sacrifices he made in their relationship.

She said that she always told him while they were dating that if being with her would be a problem, they should break up. She also said that she would tell him that if something was too crazy, he shouldn't go on with it, but he would not listen to her, and he would do it regardless, then tell her what he had done.

Brittany said she felt responsible even if she wasn't responsible.

She said she also felt like she was in a situation where someone would keep "messing their life" for her.

Brittany says she felt pressure to stay with Yazan

The "90 Day Fiancé" star said that she felt pressure to stay with Yazan after making all the sacrifices for her. She revealed that it was hard to process everything, especially realizing that Yazan did everything for her even when she asked him not to.

"Now you're into something that you had no part of getting yourself into, " Brittany said.

Brittany talks about regrets and lessons

The reality star took a flashback on things that happened in her relationship with Yazan. She said that there were things she regretted. She also said she should not have listened to him and stayed on her lane. The "90 Day Fiancé" star said she should have seen the signs that their relationship wouldn't have worked out. She ended by saying that one thing the relationship taught her was to follow her first gut.