Big Brother 22: All-Stars” is heating up for the summer as all the houseguests are fighting for their life and place in the game. Da'Vonne Rogers raised some eyebrows when she touted that she would not vote out an African-American from the game.

During week 2, David Alexander and Nicole Anthony were on the block. Anthony asked Rogers if she'd consider keeping her and voting Alexander out. Da'Vonne was not interested in doing that, stating that “people like her” do not usually go far in the game. What the fans hear her say was that she would not vote out an African-American from the game, even if it cost her position in the house.

Rogers did vote to evict Nicole and she ended up being the second person evicted from the “Big Brother” house. Even though Anthony is no longer in the game, Rogers's comments about sticking by her African-American fellow houseguests are still upsetting the BB viewers.

David Alexander's Big Brother gameplay is lacking

David's “Big Brother” game leaves a lot to be desired. He isn't making any big moves and he shows his inexperience with the game when talking to legends such as Janelle Pierzina, Ian Terry, and Danielle Donato-Briones.

He talks in circles, and never commits to making any big decisions.

On Tuesday, August 25, Janelle asked David for his vote as she and her “Big Brother” soulmate Kayser Ridha are on the block together. Online Big Brother reported that Pierzina pitched that she would keep him safe and promised her loyalty for several weeks. David replied that he thinks she is a liar and she cannot be trusted, stating her beef with Nicole Franzel as one of the biggest reasons.

Janelle schools David by revealing that she's played this game four times now and she has always been loyal to her allies. Apparently. When Janelle asked him for instances she is being dishonest, he couldn't come up with anything. Even so, David probably will not save Janelle and many BB22 fans think this is just one more reason why CBS should not have selected him to play next to so many legends this summer.

Janelle told David that she worked to keep him safe last week by making sure Nicole was the one that was evicted. David was skeptical of her story, but Tyler verified that Janelle was, in fact, telling the truth.

Da'Vonne Rogers sealed her 'Big Brother 22' fate

Da'Vonne has played this game three times now, and each time, she makes a newbie blunder. And, this time, she made (possibly) the biggest mistake and it could cost her life in the game. Monsters & Critics shared that last week, she told Anthony she wouldn't vote out a person of color, even if “they deserve it.” She made it clear she would stand by the other African-American houseguests.

On Tuesday's live feeds, Da'Vonne, David, and Bayleigh Dayton talked about who they believed should be targeted next. “Big Brother 22” spoilers state that Rogers expressed her concern over the house believing that she is in a showmance with Alexander. She isn't sure she can trust David. Even though he is ruining both her and his game by talking too much to Tyler Crispen, she still doesn't want to commit to targeting him.

Bayleigh Dayton doesn't trust David Alexander on 'Big Brother'

David told Da'Vonne and Bayleigh that last week Janelle told him that she worked to keep him over Nicole Anthony.

And, he bragged that Tyler and Cody Calafiore verified Janelle's story. Da'Vonne doesn't believe him, and she wants to fact-check it. However, according to Big Brother Network, Bayleigh worries that fact-checking his story would put all three of their life in the house at risk. Da'Vonne has said that she will not vote out a person of color, but it looks like David may be pushing her limits.

Do you think she will let David bring her game down with him, just to keep a person of color in the house? Will Da'Vonne's need for the truth about David's claims cause Bayleigh to distance herself from Rogers and Alexander?

We'll have to wait to see how it all plays out in the next 24 hours as the houseguests will have to vote another person out of the house.

“Big Brother 22: All-Stars” airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.